Friday, August 20, 2010

revealing! :)

I have been having the worst case of insomnia lately! Trouble falling asleep, waking up in the middle of the night, not being able to go back to sleep, flipping and flopping in the name it, I have experienced it in the last week. I am hoping I can get back on the sleep train *very* soon - this mama is T.I.R.E.D. *yawn*

Thought I would share my Little Red Scrapbook layouts for August! :) I got to play with the fabulous and awesome new Sassafras line, Indie Girl. I had soooo much fun with this kit!!!

First up:
A layout with a great picture of my grandpa with my kids. We went to visit to celebrate his 80th birthday and I am so thankful to have these pictures. :) I just love that die cut paper by MME. I might have to make another page with the second one I picked up.

A layout with some funny pictures of Layne enjoying his first bowl of homemade ice cream!! The title is what he said after he ate his first bite. So cute!! :) He makes me laugh everyday.

One last one:

Tried some new splatter misting here! Had fun just adding little bits and bobs onto this one. :) A page about Bayleigh and her cousin - they have become good friends (read: a lot less fighting and bickering). We don't see them too often, so it is always fun for them to get together and play.

That's all for now....gotta go find my motivation to go to the gym. hehe Anybody seen it anywhere?!?!? *grin* Send it my way!

Bayleigh goes to school this afternoon to meet her teacher - so it should be a fun afternoon filled with excitement about the upcoming school year!

Happy Friday everyone!

Until next time...


Tuesday, August 03, 2010

checking in before checking out! :)

Life at the Wildes' casa has been INSANE lately!!!

We have:
* sent Bayleigh to her first sleepover camp! (EEEKKKK!!)
* did a 2-week stint of swimming lessons
* went and visited the in-laws twice
* survived planning and executing Vacation Bible School at church
* celebrated the 4th of july - and now I must note that Layne is OBSESSED with fireworks now
* said goodbye to our favorite Jeep after 10 years (forced goodbyes are the most paintful *wink*)
* purchased a new truck
* shopped for a new truck (need I say more?!?!?!?)

I have:
* worked out every week for 8 weeks
* lost 14 pounds *big HUGE grin*

We are feverishly packing to go on our annual lake vacation tomorrow. Most of the big stuff is done....just doing the last minute stuff! And listening to Layne hit his terrible twos in stride! Oyyy, I am so *NOT* ready for this. hehe

I have some pics to share...and then I have to commence the packing once again. *dry heave*

We have spent LOTS of time in the water this summer. It has been soooo hot. Unbearably hot, really. The humidity is stifling and we just go out for about 45 minutes and are done for the day.

Hope that you have a great weekend....we will be back next week from our vacation! I am sure I will have many updates to share then. :)

Until next time....


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

a mini! :)

I totally forgot to share this mini that I made with the fabulous new October Afternoon "Fly A Kite" line and some American Crafts bits and pieces.... Let me just say, the colors are just plain delicious!!!! :)

I have been trying to come up with some way to feature the school pictures that I dish out big bucks for every year. I mean, as a scrapbooker, I always feel the need to get the fall *AND* the spring pictures. That means double the wallets and keychain photos! *grin* So, I got all the wallets out that we have purchased since Bayleigh started Pre-K in 2005. (YIKES!) And they sat. And sat. And well, sat some more.

Then, I got a creative inspiration and RAN with it. :)

Here is what I came up with...just so happy with how it came out and to be able to display all those fun little pictures and see how she has grown.

I started by painting this fun, scalloped Maya Road chipboard album white and adding lots of little bits and bobs here and there. :) Now I need to find another of these albums to keep going with it next year! Anyone know where to find them?? *huge grin*

Hope you are having a fabulous Tuesday!


Thursday, June 24, 2010

I am finally back....sheesh! I have been having trouble with my google storage and couldn't post pictures on here. Finally got the kinks worked out and I am back up and running! YAY for modern technology, huh?? *grin*

On to the good Little Red Scrapbook layouts for June. :)

This layout is about how our family has gone green and my thoughts on the whole important it is for our children and generations to come. :) All the green was great for this 6x12 page....and I used the ribbon addon and the embellishment addon with the main kit.

(I used the swirl Basic Grey border and some turquoise mist to get the fun little border along the middle of this layout!)This was my FAVORITE layout this month!!!! :) Just a spur of the moment type of thing and I had a blast with it. All the pictures are wallet sized prints from Walmart. I used the ribbon addon, embellishment addon, and alphabet addon in addition to the main kit. And those bingo cards by Jenni Bowlin = PERFECTION!!!

(I used the piece of fabric that the stick pins came on to create this little embellishment grouping! :) LOVE!)A fun, elegant layout about my sweet and beautiful girl. :) She is such a beauty and I love that I captured her face mid-laugh. *huge smile* And the remarkable thing?? She is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. I used the alphabet addon and embellishment addon along with the main kit here...and a few things from my own stash.

And my last layout was about how the time is passing so quickly with my son. :( Seems like I just brought him home from the hospital or was pinching those drooly, chubby cheeks. And now he is lying on the floor pitching fits because he has to put his train away or has to go take a nap or has missed the garbage truck passing our house or or or....*laugh* Ahhh, the terrible two's. I used one of the chipboard sheets from the Basic Grey album in the embellishment addon and tucked it behind the photo.

Holy picture overload batman! haha

I will wrap up this post and be back in a day or two for some fun summer updates!!

Until next time...


Saturday, June 19, 2010

hello there blog world....

Nice to see you again!! :)

Summer approached in very rapid fashion. Now our days are spent keeping cool at all costs. It has been stifling hot here in North Florida. Ick and double ick. Thank goodness we have a membership to the YMCA because we take advantage of their pool on a weekly basis.

I have started on a healthier lifestyle journey. This just ended week 2. I have been running and fast walking on the treadmill everyday and just making better food choices. Stopping when full. Eating lighter. Eating more frequently. After 2 weeks, I am down 5.5 pounds. So, I am making progress and it is nice to know that busting my butt is actually working. *grin*

Now if I could just convince my husband not to make such wonderfully delicious meals on the weekends, I would be in good shape. Today it was ricotta and parmesan eggplant. Oy...I think I might be full for days. haha

I have been a reading fool latest read is "Eat, pray, love." Pretty good little book and I hear the movie will be coming out soon. :) Would love suggestions on books since I seem to be reading in rapid fashion lately.

Alrighty, off to bed. I will be back tomorrow with some Little Red Scrapbook layouts. Lots of fun stuff for June... Be sure to check it out.



Monday, April 19, 2010

check it!

So, it's been another month...haha....

We have been busy with birthday parties, Easter, trips to visit family, and other more mundane things. :) We really have enjoyed the past month greatly! I am so thankful for my family and the time that I get to spend everyday being home and taking care of them.

I wanted to come and share a layout with you. I completed this layout for Inspired Blueprints. I have been on their team for a year and am hoping to earn a spot for another term! We will see what news comes this week. :)

This is Sketch #46. If you have never checked them out before (and I don't know why you wouldn't have!!!) - go and check it out. The sketches are crisp and always so creatively inspiring.

All materials used are from the April Little Red Scrapbook kit. Seriously....such a fun, fun kit!! :) That Pink Paislee paper is delicious and can be used for boys, girls, and adults of all ages...tee hee

I am off to wrestle a very grumpy 2 year old. *sigh* He is cutting 4 teeth - all of his canines. *double sigh* I hear him throwing books in his jumper right now.

Have a very blessed Monday!


Friday, March 19, 2010

march LRS reveal :)

So, I have been MIA for far too long. I know, I know. The sickies came and ravaged our house - between my upper respiratory infection, Bayleigh's allergic reaction, Layne's constant wet cough and ear infections, and lots of tissues and sort throats - lots of things have taken the back seat! Including blogging.... boooo!!!! *snicker*

Thought that I would come and share my March Little Red Scrapbook kit pages and projects. I was nervous about this kit, but I don't know why. I always create some of my favorite pages with Sassafras! :)

Of course, I got all the fun addons! And unfortunately, they are all sold out - including the main kit. Soooooooooo, if you don't want to miss out on next month's kit (and I PROMISE that you don't) - GO SUB NOW!!! Next month's kit is sooo awesome and I cannot wait to get it in my hot little hands....including ALL of the addons. (Did you doubt that?!?!?) RUN, don't walk, to get your subscription going, so that you don't miss out.

Okay, on with the projects!! heehee(A page documenting the number of children we have at this point in our family - 1 and then 2... :) This is one of my all time favorite pictures of the kids.)

(A layout documenting Bayleigh and her bff, Eden, and how long they have been friends... I am telling you those border stickers are quite addicting.)

(A page using some old black and white pictures of Andy and Bayleigh from a while back...she is most definitely all his - both because she has him wrapped around her finger and they are SOOOO alike in personality...hehe You all should feel bad for me... *giggle* Seriously though, you should.)

(A page using some REALLY old pictures of Bayleigh when she was about 1 1/2 years old!!! LOVE this one....used some Maya mist and once again, those banner stickers. hehehe)
(A card for a friend who is going through a rough patch in her that little girl with scissors...and thought it would be a great way to express to her that I am thinking of her and praying that she is bold!!!)

I will be back to share a little tag mini I made with the kit...I figured I have overwhelmed you enough with pictures today!! :)

Hope that you have a great Friday. I am just waiting to get my oil changed and then we are on to fun things today - including maybe some lunch out! We will see...

Until next time...