Wednesday, November 26, 2008

on the road..

Well, I am on the road to my parents' house. We actually got in at about midnight last night. I didn't crawl into bed until 2 am and Layne was sure to be up at 7 am to get his grub on. LOL :)

So far we are enjoying our trip - nice warm sunshine and no brisk breeze. I love this weather! But, I do miss the cold for the holidays. It really doesn't feel like Thanksgiving when it is like 78 outside, you know??

Of course, I won't be adding any new layouts or pictures because I am on my mom's computer. I have tons to update with I will be sure to get back at it when we get back home.

It was a whirlwind few weeks trying to prepare to make this 7+ hour trip down south. I apologize for not being a faithful blogger. :)

There is another new update on baby Crew. Meagan informed the design team ladies of the following information:
"Crew was moved to the regular floor tonight- he is doing VERY well; he is off all ###### and only has a nasal cannula for a tiny dose of oxygen. I'm not sure when the next dose of chemo will be.. I'm praying that they let us go home soon (at least for Thanksgiving).
He still has a feeding tube in his nose but they keep upping the amount of formula they give him since he is tolerating it so well. I'm hoping they let me feed him a bottle tomorrow. I got to hold him tonight for the 1st time in 2 weeks- yay!!
I'll continue to update all of you as we progress. Thanks everyone! "

Prayers are being answered everyday. I pray for his continued improvement and that the next round of chemo goes well and he has an easier time afterwards. I also pray that all the cancer will be miraculously gone when they do the next analysis. I appreciate your continued prayers for this family!! Isn't it amazing what can happen through the power of prayer??

As for Wildes family updates....the little man is now mobile. Oy vey!! He is grabbing EVERY. THING. I mean he finds like the smallest piece of whatever on the floor and tries to eat it. He is all boy. And his army crawl is serving him well. I promise to post pictures when we get back home.

I hope that everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving! I love ya'll!

Remember to count your blessings, be thankful, and remember our men and women who serve and are away from their families - remember their families here at home too.


Saturday, November 15, 2008

baby Crew update

Just wanted to be sure that Maegan was okay with me posting updates on Crew on my blog before I posted an update.

Here is the latest from Maegan:

"Crew is stable; his vitals are good but he still cannot breathe optimally on his own. His liver has begun to shrink as the chemo destroys the cancer cells, but his kidneys are producing high levels of acid as the cells are flushed out.. this is both good and bad as it means that the cancer cells are being flushed out, but also that his kidneys are taking a beating. He had a genetic test done that came back positive for a gene that meant it's an agressive form of Neuroblastoma, so he is now being given a medication that is helping his red blood cells/bone marrow to come up faster so that they can start the 2nd chemo treatment faster (2-4 days sooner than expected.)

We have a long road ahead of us. He is on a regular ventilator now but still kept unconcious to give his body a chance to heal. He moves his legs and arms around in response to touch. Obviously I can't hold him because he is hooked up to so many machines; he has a tube or catheter in every orifice in his tiny body. He has an arterial catheter sewn into his right thigh to monitor his blood pressure and a tube sewn into his left side to help drain a large pocket of fluid.

Jerry and I are taking shifts with him so that one of us is always there with him around the clock.

I am beyond exhausted but I can't stop to think about it or I will just break down. Please keep me in your thoughts- I really appreciate it."

Please continue to keep this family in your thoughts and prayers at this time. They need a miracle and we are praying that the One who heals will help comfort the family and Crew during this time.

Be back later with another post....I am headed to the Michaels here in Jacksonville to see what goodies I can find.

Have a beautiful Saturday!


Thursday, November 13, 2008

sharing.... :)

The gallery is up at Little Red Scrapbook. You just have to go check it out here. There is such awesome work and I am sure you can draw some inspiration from all the ladies! :)

Here are my pages. First, I made a card for Maegan to say thank you - as this was her last kit as owner.
Then, a page about Layne's birth. A page about Bayleigh's beloved ladybug. This page was part of a scraplift challenge of one of the members at LRS, Heidi. She does some phenomenal work. You can find her page here. This page is about Bayleigh as well and some time that we spent at the springs back in our hometown of Gainesville.
And I saved my favorite page for last. This one is going into my book of me - some advice that I believe in. And this is the most important - "believe in miracles." A page about baby Layne - this picture was taken at the hospital right before we were coming home.
I also did a mini album project, but I will spare you the photo overload. I will post it as soon as I get pictures of the entire album. It's raining today and is supposed to rain all day - so it might be awhile before I can get it in a good light. So fun!!!

Continue praying for baby Crew. I don't have an update right now - only to say that things have not changed. So, I know that the family would appreciate your continued thoughts and prayers.

Enjoy your Thursday! I have 3 infants today - so I better go eat something while I can.


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Beseeching prayers!

Alright everyone, I have an earnest and desperate request tonight.

My friend Maegan Buchanan, the owner of Little Red Scrapbook, needs us to band together in prayer. Send this along to your church groups, your prayer partners, friends, family, whoever. I know that the Lord hears us when we cry to Him. He hears our prayers and this family needs prayer. So, let us lift our voices in unison to Him - the one who heals.

Maegan's baby boy, Crew, was rushed to Vanderbilt hospital in Tennessee last week. He underwent surgery and a biopsy as there was a mass on his liver. The results came in last week and Crew has Stage 4 S Neuroblastoma, which is a malignant tumor in his liver. There was a lot of pressure on his lungs due to the swelling of his liver. He is going to have 2 rounds of chemotherapy that will assist in shrinking his liver and destroying the cancer cells. The first round was administered Friday night and he was resting comfortably.

Jennifer, a fellow design team girlie, called the hospital to check on them. She didn't get them, but got a new family. So, we were a little excited that maybe they got to go home!

However, he took a turn for the worse last night and had to be intubated. He is unconscious right now, but resting comfortably and his vitals are strong. He is breathing with the assistance of an oscillator at this time.

So, please....keep this family and baby boy in your prayers! Things are looking so hard right now. I have cried so many tears for them. He is just 6 months old - 2 months younger than my Layne.

I pray for the Lord's mercy and healing in this baby's life. Join with me please!


Monday, November 10, 2008

Finally better!

I think I am finally over the hump of yet another cold. It seems like we have stayed continuously sick for the past several weeks. Ugh! And Layne is on the back end of his cold too - which is nice. But, baby J has a runny nose now! I really hope that we don't get another round of colds here. Think some positive thoughts for us that we can stay well. :)

This time of year is my favorite. Brisk mornings, warm fires at night, hot cocoa, and all the smells of autumn and winter. Mmmmmm, my favorite! I cannot wait to bake my apple crisp - that is one of my favorite wintertime treats.

Let me share my sneaks for the Little Red Scrapbook kit. Oh my goodness ya'll - you've got to get your hands on this! I am just about done making a mini album with the kit and I am down to bare bones scraps. I just used it all up!! Hop on over and pick up a kit - and while you are at it - get the ribbon, stamp, and embellies add ons. Oh and the paper add on - delish! Here are some sneaks to tide you over until the full pictures are posted. Oh and don't forget to stop by and see every one's work - this reveal has wonderful projects and layouts by everyone!! :)

I have to head to the Girl Scout council this morning to get Bayleigh's brownies stuff. She is marching in a parade tomorrow, so have to make sure she is properly outfitted.

Let me also add a few of my favorite Halloween pictures. My cutie pie Lilo and "scary" blue monster.

I still have another memory card to upload - so you might see some more pictures tomorrow!

I hope you have a wonderful Monday! :)