Monday, June 30, 2008

monday monday!!

Okay, so I must be on an oldies kick with the song titles/lyrics lately...haha

Bayleigh is currently at her grandparents' house in Fernandina Beach. She left on Saturday and calls us each night telling us how much fun she is having and how much she misses me. She will be back on Thursday night. :) Just in time to go scalloping on the 4th of July.

Layne will be 4 months tomorrow. He is growing so fast and is so fun!! He smiles all the time and loves to play and giggle. Here he is at our church fun night yesterday. hehe
Too cute, I tell ya. This is what he does alot during the day. Well, when he isn't screaming! LOL

I got another page done. It looks quite busy when I uploaded it, but doesn't look as loud in person. Oh will do. I made the page to document one of my favorite places to be - on the water. Love, love, love it!
You can click on it to see it in more detail if you are so inclined. Just love using the new Making Memories Passport line. I got this stuff from the June Scarlet Lime kit ( And the July kit from Studio Calico has lots of it too!

I am reading a good book and hoping to get some more chapters in tonight. It is a series of books and I am on book #3. Good stuff! The series is by a Christian author, Karen Kingsbury. She writes some good, realistic books about faith and people finding their way to the Lord. I just love reading stories like those.

Still no word on the new job. However, my old prinicpal called to offer me a job there for next year. I didn't commit and will wait until I hear from the other school. There are lots of reasons...but, let's just suffice it to say that I think I need a change.

Until next time...


Thursday, June 26, 2008

summer lovin'..

And we are having a blast!!! Okay, that was really lame. LOL :) I can't help it.

Bayleigh had her best friend spend the night last night. Oh the fun of a 7-year-old sleepover!! The giggling did not cease until *late* last night. Well, until the monstrous thunderstorm came through. Then, I had a little one crying about being scared and a baby not wanting to go to sleep. Yes, it was a late night for all!

And why do men find it funny to scare the pee out of their wives??!?!?! I was reading a book on the couch last night - because is there anything better than reading a book snuggled on the couch while it rains?!?!? My wonderful hubby (insert *eye roll* here) thought it would be funny to sneak up behind me and just stand there. When I turned around, I FREAKED!!! I mean, fell on the couch in tears, freaked! He just chuckled and then rubbed my shoulders and said not to be scared. Oh boy, men!!

Tomorrow is reveal night at Studio Calico and I am so excited. Can't wait to see the kit and add-ons...but mostly, I can't wait to see how the wonderful designers used all that yummy goodness. Maybe I will be inspired to actually get something done with my June kit. hehe

If anyone knows where to get my hands on some of the new Chatterbox, feel free to pass it along. Or just send me some. Yeah, that would be good too. haha - just teasing!! (kinda). :)

Alright on to the good stuff....a scrapbook page!! YAY!!!

This one was inspired by another lovely lady at SC. And had to get that picture scrapped - only Bayleigh!!
Hope to have another page completed tomorrow!

Off to read my book...


Monday, June 23, 2008

cry baby..

I guess that should be cry BABIES. hehe Bayleigh is so emotional - wow! I never knew it would already start at 7. I am in for it when she is a teenager. Yikes. Maybe I can cash in on my "deployment" time when she is in high school. haha

The schedule thing is going well, I think. Layne has been to bed by 8 pm last night and tonight and slept through the night last night until 7 am. I am hoping that today goes the same. I will keep ya'll posted. I pray for my sanity that we can continue on this track.

Alright, onto the good stuff.

Here is a layout using all scraps from my Studio Calico kit ( Lots of yummy goodies on this one.
And here is another one using more of the SC kit. I got this idea from another gal over at SC. And I had to just go with it. :)Loving belonging to Studio Calico. I basically used every last piece of my May kit...all I have left are a few alphabet things and some Hambly leftovers. Yay for me!!

We are probably going to go to the pool for baby/toddler time so that Layne doesn't get trounced by a bunch of 10-12 year olds. Should make for some good pictures.

And here is a picture of the kiddos that about sums it up right now for me.
Bayleigh with a goofy face trying to entertain us and Layne screaming!!! hehe

Pray. for. me. :)


Saturday, June 21, 2008

updating some pages :)

Alright, I am finally getting some more posts in.

We had a nice lazy day here today! Andy cooked us breakfast and we hung out all day. Soo nice!! I am attempting to get Layne on a schedule - so we spent most of today trying to keep him awake and getting him to nap when he was supposed to go down. He just fell asleep about 20 minutes ago - so we are making *some* progress - hey it's not 1 am. YAY!!
Tomorrow I hope to have another relaxing day. I would love to get some scrapping done for the Extreme Crop at Lifetime Moments ( I got some stuff finished up today - I have been inspired to finish lots of lingering that is always good.

Here is a page about Layne. A picture taken right after his birth. :) Lots of Heidi Grace on this one.I will add another tomorrow that uses all scraps from my Studio Calico kit. Loving it. I hope to start working on June's kit here this week.

And I have to add a picture of Bayleigh with her baby brother in the kiddy pool this week. He loved it - even though it was a little too chilly.Alright, off to get some more scrapping and relaxing in.


Friday, June 20, 2008

ok, seriously?!?!

Has it really been that long since my woe is me post?? Craziness!!

So, I must update everyone, I guess. :)

Gotta start with the good baby boy! He is growing way too fast for my liking. He will be 4 months on July 1st. So hard to believe. He is pushing up on his arms, rolls from his tummy to back, coos, laughs, smiles, and still eats every 3 hours!! Here he cute is my little man??
Miss Bayleigh is doing good. Of course she wants to be entertained *ALL* day long. I made a schedule for each day of the week this summer to try to keep her occupied. I think once we get it down pat, it will help her enjoy her summer. Here she is having a traditional summer lunch....Sonic ice cream and tator tots! :)

I have been enjoying my summer so far. Trying to scrap tons and tons to make up for what I fell behind on this year. It feels good to get back into a routine of being creative. I will share one here. Our old computer crashed, so I lost A LOT of stuff on it. But, this is what I have on this new one as of today. :) I used ALL of the Studio Calico kit last month. I mean all I have left are some leftover alphabets and Hambly transparency. I am so proud of myself. I will have to share one of the pages I did with it tomorrow.

No news on the job front. I went on an interview on Thursday - and it went REALLY, REALLY well. They are waiting on some grant funding to go through so they can officially offer the job. But, I was told in basic terms that they want me there...just have to get through the legal stuff and make sure the $$ goes through. I will be sure to keep you all updated! I don't count it as a job until I hear official word for sure.

I hope you are all enjoying your summer. I know I am loving being home with my baby! And he is becoming quite the mama's boy.

Until tomorrow....