Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What a weekend!

This weekend we had what we call "birthday weekend." You see, Bayleigh and I celebrate our birthdays back-to-back. Mine is the 22nd and hers the 23rd. So, this was birthday weekend. My mom always comes to celebrate with us and we enjoy our time together!

Saturday, we celebrated Bayleigh's birthday at Fun Station. She had a blast and I enjoyed watching her have a great time celebrating with her friends.Even Daddy joined in on the bumper boat fun! :)

We went out to dinner on Saturday night. Which was an ordeal because I pitched a fit about going on Saturday. I wanted to go on Sunday. Can you see me stomping my feet??? But, Andy insisted that we go on Saturday night. When we got home, I realized why. My girlfriends came and punked me...hahahaha I laughed sooo hard when we pulled up and I saw our yard! I have some pictures, but need to upload the rest. I will leave you with one of part of what they did. So so funny!

And one of the little man in his new shoes and almost walking!

Sorry for the picture overload, but it was a great weekend with lots of pictures and fun! :)

I have some exciting news to share too!!! I was asked to be a part of Scrap'n Supply Shack's creative team!! Wooo hooo....and their March kit is looking so yummy, I might just have to buy it!! Lots of fun spring product and colors! So, hop on over and check it out. The new kit should be up on the 28th! :)

Enjoy your day!

Until next time...


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mini :)

Thought I would share my mini. All of these pages were made with the February Little Red Scrapbook kit. All I used was the journaling cards that came in the kit!! They are the perfect size for a mini. Check them out. I have a few leftover and I plan to make another page with them.

This is an album about my word this year: focus. I want to focus more on my relationships with my babies and hubby. Spending more time on the little things - the things that make *them* happy. :) It was fun and only took me about 2 hours to pump this one out!

In other news, my fridge is driving me nuts. The freezer is not keeping foods frozen all the way. I had baby J's dad come and look at it this morning and he might have solved it. Just have to clean behind the fridge and clean out the bottom...and maybe it will be back to 100%. *sigh* I hate stuff like this!!

Alright, off to resume cleaning my house in preparation for my moms visit this weekend.

Thanks for all the pre-birthday wishes. I know 30 isn't that bad, it's just weird to think that I won't be saying teen or twenty-something anymore. If that makes sense!! haha A sort of mid-mid-life crisis!!

Hope to post some pictures tomorrow.

In the meantime, pray for Steph H....her hubby is on his way home for R and R from Afghanistan!! So excited for her and her babies!!

Until next time....


Monday, February 16, 2009

Little Red....

Had to come and update with my Little Red Scrapbook layouts for this month. TONS of yummy goodies in this kit!! I'm going to be honest and tell ya that I was terrified when I saw this kit. But, oh my word, I had so much fun with it once I started creating. I even made a mini album. :)

Without further ado...

I will post my mini tomorrow since there are like 7 pages! :) It was so fun and easy to create. If I can do it, anyone can.

We had a busy day....spending our tax refund money. LOL We went and ordered a new front door - so there goes almost all of that money. haha Oh the joys of being a grown up. But, I am super excited about this new front door. I guess that's a sign of getting old.

Speaking of getting old, I am having a tough time realizing that next Sunday I will be 30. Yes, 30! *sigh*

Alright, gotta head to bed...I am completely tired today!

I will be sure to update with the mini tomorrow!

Until then....


Saturday, February 14, 2009



So, Bayleigh had a lock-in at church last night. It was a nice break for me!! You see, she has been testing the very limits of my sanity lately. I don't know what it is. I love her dearly, but she knows just how to get my goat. Every. Single. Time. Oy - maybe we are hitting the tween years a tad early?!?!? Maybe the hormones have already started a tad?!?! I have no idea. But, this mama is wore out from the mood swings and drama!

Now you can see why last night was so wonderful. I got a little bit of a break. I picked her up this morning and drove her to Girl Scouts and they are attending an activity at Lowe's and then we have to pick up cookies this afternoon. :) YAY ME!!

Along with Bayleigh being gone today, Andy left this morning for Daytona. He is going to the races this weekend with his Dad. At first, I was not pleased. At. All. I did not want to have more time by myself with the kids. I mean, he's an Army soldier, isn't that time away enough?!?!? But, I am so happy now. I get peace! I can do whatever I want and wear whatever I want. haha

Anyways, I am here by myself and loving every minute. Layne is sleeping right now...so I am enjoying a cup of coffee and surfing the net. Ohhhhh, pure bliss!!! No one asking me 500 questions in the span of 6 minutes. No one turning the tv up way too loud. No one asking where something is. Pure. bliss.

I am going to enjoy it while it lasts. :)

Just thought I would add some pictures before I head to my scrap table! These are all from last Sunday after church. :)
**DISCLAIMER** Please excuse the messy house - these were not edited at all.. haha

I will update tomorrow with my creations for Little Red Scrapbook. Oh and just so you know - that Webster's Pages stuff was absolutely divine to work with. Yumm-o!! And the trims were just delicious. I got all the addons!! So so glad I did. I am going to use the addon papers today!! Be sure to check back tomorrow for my layouts and projects - including a fun mini-album that I created in just about 2 hours!

Enjoy your Saturday!

Until tomorrow...


Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I promised to come and share some sneaks from the February Little Red Scrapbook kit. So, here they are. :) It was a really pretty kit to work with and I can't wait for the big reveal!!

So, that's about it around here. I am suffering from a bad case of the blahs!!! It doesn't help that yesterday was a really bad day. No - worse!!! It was a horrible, no good, very bad day!!! Ugh.....I am still recovering from that one. To sum it up, I was wandering the isles of Winn Dixie at 8:30 after putting Layne in bed because I needed to get out of the house and away from everyone! haha What does *that* tell you?!?!

I have to shower and prepare the lesson for tonight at church....so I have to run. Just wanted to be sure and share those sneaks!

Have a fabulous evening!

Until next time...


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

*sniffle, sniffle*

I am feeling a whole lot better!!! But, I still sniffle all the time. Which means I am on the couch. You see, my loving husband can't sleep with a sniffler. He can, in fact, snore, but he can't sleep with someone who has the sniffles. **rolls eyes** I am so over this lingering cold already!

At least it has warmed up quite a bit here. It is supposed to be in the low 70s today, which is just glorious after the weather in the teens last week. The sun will be shining and I am hoping to take the boys outside for a picnic to play.

I have some assignments to finish up with this beautiful kit:This cold has kicked my butt, so I have fallen behind on my assignments. Oh well, happy creating to me today!! :) I should have some peeks for you tomorrow.

Here's a peek at my day-to-day. haha Layne is a mess!! He pulls up on anything that sits still for more than 2 minutes. And this means baby J. And just look at that bedhead!!! **giggle**Poor baby J. Although now he is joining in the tug of war battles over toys. It's so cute to watch - they just grin and blow raspberries at each other.

Tune in tomorrow for some sneak LRS peeks.

Have a terrific Tuesday!!

Until tomorrow....


Thursday, February 05, 2009

Thursday musings....

I guess the lack of sleep and the cold weather have caught up with me today!! I have a runny nose and the sneezes. I have been on the couch today trying to relax between playing and feeding babies!

I think I am addicted to crime and drama!! No, not in real life. *smile* I have been watching First 48 all day!! haha It's such a good show...and since I have seen just about every CSI, it's good stuff. A little morbid, but interesting nonetheless.

Just have to say this - it's frapping freezing outside!!! Brrrrr....it's supposed to warm up this weekend, so I am hoping that this cold doesn't last. And I have tons of stuff to get done (of course!).

My lovely hubby made some pecan butter for use with dinner last night. HOWEVER, I enjoyed using it this morning on some freshly made pancakes. Oh yummm, so good!! I will have to give him a big wet kiss when he gets home for that yummy concoction. And I will have to apologize for rolling my eyes at him while he made the other day! *grin*

Wanted to leave you with this layout. Made with some Scarlet Lime goodies! That's the last of my July kit. :) Oh and a little bit of Studio Calico mixed in.Love my Martha Stewart border punches too!!

Alright, back to more rest. Hope ya'll are still staying warm!!

Until next time...


Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Bad groundhog!!

So, I guess we were told that it would be 6 more weeks of winter. Well, it didn't take Mother Nature long to get the message! It is 30 degrees out this morning and the winds are gusting at about 30 mph - so they said the wind chill makes it feel like 18. Seriously? This is Florida people. If it's going to be this cold - GIVE ME SNOW!! haha

The honor roll assembly went much more smoothly last night and I am so glad. :) I guess my obsessive organization helped. My husband would be so thankful that I am using it outside of our home. ha!

I am very excited that I pre-ordered some great products from CHA. I know doing a pre-order doesn't matter and that stores get it all at the same time...but, I hate thinking that I will miss out and there are some things that I just know I will want to get. Stop and Scrap has wonderful pre-orders and awesome customer service!! Right now there are alot of pre-orders on sale for 10% through 2/5. Get over there and check them out!! Love that place and love that you earn rewards for every single dollar you spend too. :)

Gonna share a layout I finished last week and have yet to upload. It's using the fabulous Scarlet Lime mini kit from a while back. My last little scraps from that mini kit. hehe Totally inspired by Valerie Salmon - just love her work!!

Hope you are staying warm today! Will be back tomorrow with some new pictures.

Until then....


Tuesday, February 03, 2009

More, more, more

Okay, so I taught Layne the sign for more as I mentioned in my last post. And now he uses it. All. the. time. As soon as he gets in his highchair - "more." When he wakes up from his nap - "more." As soon as he has one bite in his mouth - "more." When he doesn't want to take his nap and he is sitting in his crib - "more."
Exhibit A:
And when he doesn't get "more" immediately....he frantically signs "more, more, more." And starts scrunching up his face and crying.
Exhibit B:

Oy...what a boy he is!! He is certainly very different than his sister when she was his age. He is very mischievous.....and has a head of steel. I swear he bumps his head 15 times a day - so much so, it no longer phases him. Bumps and bruises?? No big deal. haha Definitely not the drama of his sister.

I am on honor roll duty and have to get the packets ready for tonight...so, I will be busy doing that. Oh fun times. At least it's only once a 9 weeks, right?!?!

My challenge today is to create a layout WITHOUT kraft cardstock as it's base. Think I can do it?!?! LOL I really need to try something different - so that is the challenge to myself today.

There is a new sketch up at Inspired Blueprints - so go check it out!! My layout won't go up until sometime next week, but this sketch is awesome!! I love being a part of the wonderful inspiration there.

Gonna leave you with a few pictures...not the best quality, but just had to share!
smiling at his big sister:
look at the drool - think we are teething?
layne and his big sister - we can't get him to sit still for pictures anymore:
look at this proud daddy:

Until next time....