Wednesday, June 24, 2009

summer lovin'

I just love the summertime - the freedom to sleep in, stay in your pj's all day if you want, and just have a generally lazy day. That is what I am doing today..... :) Oh and finish up a few layouts, so that I can start on some assignments.

Bayleigh is now home safe and sound! And she is off to VBS at another church this morning and then to go play at her friends house until our church time tonight!

Layne is feeling much better finally and enjoying time outside. He is especially loving his new ride! hehe Look at that little man in there. :)
I got my July Little Red Scrapbook kit and it is soooooo delicious!!! I can't wait to finish up what I need to do, so that I can start working with it. You will have to check it out come July 1st - the full reveal is on the main site then.

Happy Wednesday! Off to get some stuff done around here....

Until next time.....


Monday, June 22, 2009

told you so! :)

So, remember how I said things were going smoothly?!?!? hahaha I had this funny feeling that I would get tested in all sorts of ways because I had to go and say that. Sure enough, chaos happened.

Layne was sick with some sort of tummy bug yesterday. We were all ready for church....I was dressed, makeup on, hair done, shoes on, bags packed......he was all dressed, fed, shoes on.....when it all came crashing down. I picked up the bags to go load them in the car....and out it came. All over the carpet. All over himself. All over the sink in the bathroom. Just all over. It was nasty! I don't do well with the whole puking thing. At. All. So, we spent the day yesterday just chilling out. I changed my clothes, cleaned up the puke, and carried on. LOL He is much better this morning and ate a full breakfast and kept it down. Hooray!

*sigh* We are off to find a little car for him to ride in. I always wanted to get one for my kids and now I am just going to do it!! :) He is going to love it!! I think I am more excited than he will be. hehe

Hope that everyone is having a great Monday!

I will leave you with a layout for Inspired Blueprints. This is for sketch #24. This is my last sketch for the design team there - as they had a call for new designers. *sniff, sniff* I reapplied, so we shall see. I just loved working for them. :)

Enjoy and stay cool!!!

Until next time....


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

checking in :)

Thought I better check in here, so ya'll wouldn't think I have committed myself since Andy's departure. hehe I have been *this* close, but I am hanging in there. The first few days/week is always hard...but, we are getting our groove down and it's going much more smoothly now.

Sidenote: Lord, I am not asking you to test the smoothness of things. At all. I know how lucky I am. I really really do. So please don't choose this area to test me at this moment. Just sayin. Wanted to lay it all out there. It always seems to go that way. Always. hehe

We have been hanging out, just the little man and I, this week. Bayleigh went off to her grandma and grandpa's house in Fernandina Beach. So, we are just kicking it here! Hoping to get some quiet time to myself tonight after he is in bed to catch up on some scrapbooking.

Have to share my layouts for Little Red Scrapbook! Oh my word, this kit was unbelievably fun to work with. I used it for all kinds of pages - boy, deployment, manly man, and sibling stuff. :) It really is *that* versatile. Go get one for yourself - you won't be sorry. And I had to add the ribbon and embellishment addon too! Check out my pages:
And my cards:

It's so incredibly hot here. We stay inside most of the afternoon!! It's been 100 degrees. For real. Poor Layne has his Daddy's fair complexion and turns bright red when he gets hot. I know he is fine - but it still just doesn't look right.

In fact, the 17 year old lifeguard at the pool yesterday thought he should inform me that his arms were getting red. He also mentioned that I might want to put sunscreen on him. Seriously? Seriously. Dude! You do not say that to people. It is not in your contract to be a pseudo parent while holding your whistle and flotation device. I promise that I am a mother who takes care of her children - and that includes lathering them with sunscreen before going to the pool. However, I did gob a bunch of sunscreen on his arms after that. I put it so thick, in fact, that his arms were completely white. Think I proved my point? HA! Probably just to myself.

Alright, back to cleaning out the garage. I am trying to surprise Andy when he gets home. With actually parking in our garage. It's a win win for us both. :)

Until next time...


Thursday, June 11, 2009

quiet today...

Not much to share today. It's been a long sad day for me....this morning we said goodbye to Andy. He is going to be in Missouri for a month for his final phase of BNCOC school. It was a rough morning. I am keeping my chin up and looking on the bright side - it's only *1* month and not multiple months. :)

I did want to share some sneaks for Little Red Scrapbook's June kit. Ya'll have to run on over and see it - all beautiful new Pink Paislee Captivating line. I wasn't sure how it would be to work with this kit. But, man, I had a blast with this kit!! It was so much sure to check for the design team reveal coming soon!

Oh and you can win one over that Pink Paislee go post a comment on their blog to get in on that!

Here's the fabulous kit:
And here are some peeks:

I will be back soon when I have more to say! Sorry I am so quiet today...promise more chatter soon. :)

Until then...


Friday, June 05, 2009

So, yeah, ummmmm....

What happened to "be back soon?" I bet that is what you are asking, right??

I can't believe that I haven't been back since that last drive by post! So sorry about that. It seems as though the end of the year rush and beginning of summer have swept me away. I was tied up with so much stuff the past few weeks. But, it is now officially SUMMER!! Wooo hooo!! I am so thankful to have just my own children here with me all day, go to sleep when I want, and rise when I want (relatively speaking). :) This is my favorite time of year....

I have some Scrappin' Supply Shack layouts to share with you all. I apologize for not getting them up here until now. Heck, I thought I had put them on Flickr this week and come to find out - didn't do that either. Ugh, where has my brain gone?? I hope it returns soon.....with my creativity in tow.

Here are my pages using the new Basic Grey Wisteria line - with some fun Maya Road acrylics and extras!! The purple really challenged me this month, but I am pretty happy with what I came up with.

A page about the things that Bayleigh enjoys at age 8! :)

A page talking about how my little Layne has brought me out of some of my funks. How he can cheer me up no matter what!!
A page documenting the 3 most loathed edible things for me. Ewww and yuck!! The title was inspired by the beautiful chipboard tea cups in the kit. :) Figured I had to get this documented in my book of me, right??
And finally a page documenting how smitten all the men in our family are with their first grandson. Especially great grandpa Wildes. This picture is one of only about 3 I have of him and Layne together. Love it!! And love those acrylic keys and lock in the kit.
I went a little nutso with the scallop border punch on that last one!! hehe But, it was so fun!!

We are enjoying a low key day today. I went to Target after Layne's doctor's appointment this morning and I think I finally found a bathing suit!! WOOO HOOO - it's hard to find something flattering for my after 2 children body. AND it was on clearance. SCORE!!

I promise to be back this weekend with some more updates. *grin*

Until then.....