Wednesday, June 17, 2009

checking in :)

Thought I better check in here, so ya'll wouldn't think I have committed myself since Andy's departure. hehe I have been *this* close, but I am hanging in there. The first few days/week is always hard...but, we are getting our groove down and it's going much more smoothly now.

Sidenote: Lord, I am not asking you to test the smoothness of things. At all. I know how lucky I am. I really really do. So please don't choose this area to test me at this moment. Just sayin. Wanted to lay it all out there. It always seems to go that way. Always. hehe

We have been hanging out, just the little man and I, this week. Bayleigh went off to her grandma and grandpa's house in Fernandina Beach. So, we are just kicking it here! Hoping to get some quiet time to myself tonight after he is in bed to catch up on some scrapbooking.

Have to share my layouts for Little Red Scrapbook! Oh my word, this kit was unbelievably fun to work with. I used it for all kinds of pages - boy, deployment, manly man, and sibling stuff. :) It really is *that* versatile. Go get one for yourself - you won't be sorry. And I had to add the ribbon and embellishment addon too! Check out my pages:
And my cards:

It's so incredibly hot here. We stay inside most of the afternoon!! It's been 100 degrees. For real. Poor Layne has his Daddy's fair complexion and turns bright red when he gets hot. I know he is fine - but it still just doesn't look right.

In fact, the 17 year old lifeguard at the pool yesterday thought he should inform me that his arms were getting red. He also mentioned that I might want to put sunscreen on him. Seriously? Seriously. Dude! You do not say that to people. It is not in your contract to be a pseudo parent while holding your whistle and flotation device. I promise that I am a mother who takes care of her children - and that includes lathering them with sunscreen before going to the pool. However, I did gob a bunch of sunscreen on his arms after that. I put it so thick, in fact, that his arms were completely white. Think I proved my point? HA! Probably just to myself.

Alright, back to cleaning out the garage. I am trying to surprise Andy when he gets home. With actually parking in our garage. It's a win win for us both. :)

Until next time...



Rita said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous LOs! Glad to hear you are hanging in there! 100 degrees?? Yikes! I am not a warm weather gal....I'm loving our 70 degree weather right now!

Christy said...

HAHA - that's hilarious about the sunscreen. Wow, you've been busy with the kit! The layouts look beautiful!