Monday, June 22, 2009

told you so! :)

So, remember how I said things were going smoothly?!?!? hahaha I had this funny feeling that I would get tested in all sorts of ways because I had to go and say that. Sure enough, chaos happened.

Layne was sick with some sort of tummy bug yesterday. We were all ready for church....I was dressed, makeup on, hair done, shoes on, bags packed......he was all dressed, fed, shoes on.....when it all came crashing down. I picked up the bags to go load them in the car....and out it came. All over the carpet. All over himself. All over the sink in the bathroom. Just all over. It was nasty! I don't do well with the whole puking thing. At. All. So, we spent the day yesterday just chilling out. I changed my clothes, cleaned up the puke, and carried on. LOL He is much better this morning and ate a full breakfast and kept it down. Hooray!

*sigh* We are off to find a little car for him to ride in. I always wanted to get one for my kids and now I am just going to do it!! :) He is going to love it!! I think I am more excited than he will be. hehe

Hope that everyone is having a great Monday!

I will leave you with a layout for Inspired Blueprints. This is for sketch #24. This is my last sketch for the design team there - as they had a call for new designers. *sniff, sniff* I reapplied, so we shall see. I just loved working for them. :)

Enjoy and stay cool!!!

Until next time....



Houston said...

Ugh, puking is the worst! I hope he's better today. Great layout, I love all your layers and bits and pieces!

Kelly said...

Love your layout and I hope Layne is feeling better xxx

Angela W said...

Hope Layne is all better now! Great layout and good luck on being chosen again!

Rita said...

Love the layout! That MM line is one of my favorites! Hope the sickness is gone for good at your house!