Friday, May 29, 2009

Drive by...

Okay, I am dog tired from the running around today! I have been on the go since my feet hit the ground this morning. But, I promised sneaks, so sneaks there shall be!!!

Here are some sneaks from the Scrappin' Supply Shack's May kit. Yumm-o!! :) Lots of goodies and fun new stuff in this one. Be sure to head over and check it out. Heck, you might even win a guest designer spot!

More will follow soon enough!! :) I am still cracking away with this kit - hoping to get some more done with it tomorrow afternoon.

I am headed to bed to crash....since I have a VBS planning meeting tomorrow morning. Gotta love 9 am Baptist meetings on a Saturday morning. *chuckle*

I will be back with some layouts that I would love to share with ya'll.

Until then....


Tuesday, May 26, 2009


So, it has been a reflective few days for me. We bid farewell to the fine men and women of the 779th Engineer Battalion from Tallahassee on Tuesday. Oh man, so incredibly hard. It took all those emotions from a few years ago and rubbed me raw. Watching those wives, babies, parents, children....oh man, it was heartbreaking and gut wrenching. *sigh*

I have just been taking a few days to reflect and remember and just be still. To cherish the time that we have Andy here...and enjoy my babies before they are too big to want to be around me. Snuggling the little man in the mornings and kissing the big girl at night. :)

We went to Andy's parents' last weekend. We got to do lots of this:

The little guys first trip to the beach. And he loved it. Undeterred by the waves and sand - he loved it all. I swear this child has no fear. :)

I am so excited to share some sneaks with you tomorrow from Scrappin' Supply Shack. I have to upload the pictures tomorrow. Some yummy goodies that I am still playing with!! Lots of fun Basic Grey!

I have lots of layouts to be ready in the coming days!! I had to upgrade my Picasa album to include more pictures, so that is why there has been a delay with posting and picture loading. It took awhile to get it fixed. But, I AM BACK!!! So, be prepared for the picture and layout overload!!

I am off to bed....big day tomorrow!! We are having another crop at Fellowship!! :) I need to get up and work on the kits, that means that I have to get rest tonight! The potato salad is made and the cake is baked and iced. A better start than I did last month! haha

Hope you all have a great one! Be back tomorrow with some sneakages.

Until then...


Thursday, May 07, 2009

It's alive!! :)

My computer, that is! I had to send it in to the manufacturer because we were having some major issues with it. No power being the main complaint. Minor detail, huh?? *grin* It was mailed out and fixed by Acer and now she is back home with mama. My how I have missed her. hehe

Besides the computer issue, we have been dealing with a round of the sickies. First it was Bayleigh, who proceeded to hack and sneeze all over everyone and everything in the house. So, it was no big surprise that Andy and I both came down with it. Unfortunately, his was life threatening. *rolls eyes* Seriously? How can we have the same cold, but he is on death's door and I am still cooking, cleaning, and caring for children? Seriously. Men. Big, ole babies.

Now that we are feeling most of the way better, I am feeling like my house has been lost to the dust bunnies and laundry rats. ha! I have tackled most of it already and am working on the laundry part today! Fun times, I tell ya!

I am finishing up some layouts for the class that I am teaching on Friday night at church. Have to go pick up pictures in a little bit....nothing like last minute! *smile*

I do have some layouts to share using the May Scrapbooking Supply Shack's kit. A combination of Dream Street and Scribble Scrabble papers were sooo much fun to work with. :) There is one page that I won't be able to share until the Inspired Blueprints reveal! So, be on the lookout for that one in the coming week.

Remember to click on the images to see them larger. :) I love the picture in that last page with Great-Grandma Thomas - who has since passed on. Love that we have lots of pictures with her and Bayleigh when we still had her here.

Hope that your Thursday is great! We have a very busy evening of getting glasses repaired and a school play. Add that to being a single mama for the next 2 weeks and I will be ready to settle down with Grey's tonight. For sure.

Until next time...