Sunday, December 14, 2008

grumpy babies

make for grumpy mommies.

Layne has had this eye goo issue. There are like green ickies in them all the time - clumped to his eyelashes and in the corners. I wash his face to help because he acts like you are poking his eye out when you touch any part of his eye. *rolls eyes* No, no pink eye. I have no clue!!

Needless to say - he's been pretty fussy. At times making me want to jump from a tall tree.

We go to the doctor tomorrow for his check-up, so I am hoping we can get some answers then.

Other than that, we put up our outside decorations and put lights on the tree we brought home on Friday.

Bayleigh attended a tea party at Cookies and Tea for Me with her Brownie Girl Scout troop. I don't have pictures because I wasn't allowed to stay - only certified leaders. I might get one from the leader that was there - we will see.

Not much else to report. Just chugging along and looking forward to Christmas. I am ready for this week to go by, so I can sleep in a bit for the next couple of weeks. :)

Let's see if I have a picture to share...yep, little man up on all fours trying to crawl. heheUntil next time...


Friday, December 12, 2008

hello there :)

So, I went to see Twilight with my girlfriend, KK, last night. :) Ohhh it was fabulous. And Edward (played by Rob Pattinson) was sooo worth watching. I have that on my list of movies to buy! Now I can start book 2, New Moon. I am sure it will be just as good as the first, if not better!

Tonight is tree hunting time. I think we are going to head to Lowe's and pick out our tree. I have been putting it off because of Layne's mobility. I have a feeling I will be spending the next few weeks keeping him out of trouble with the tree. Oh I forgot how challenging this age is. hehe He's a trip - into everything and constantly on the go. And when he is hungry - he will follow me everywhere. In true boy fashion.

And the best part today - SNEAKS!!! Here are some sneaks from the December LRS kit. Using the new Fancy Pants Chill Out line....mmmm, such a fun line. Pretty snowflakes and fun colors. Be sure to check back for the full reveal in a week or so. And go order your kit, so you can play with the sweet stuff too. And the addon papers included two new lines by Pink Paislee!!!!

I am working on my first assignment for Inspired Blueprints. Such fun sketches over there. Be sure to check out their current sketch and enter your layout for a chance to win a wonderful kit sponsored by Lifetime Moments. They have awesome kits and wouldn't you love to get one for FREE!??!?! So get cracking on those layouts!

Enjoy your Friday and I will try to check in with our weekend happenings!


Saturday, December 06, 2008

here I am.. :)

So, today is a busy day for us. But, I have a moment of down time, so wanted to check in...gotta share my news and an update on baby Crew.

We had a birthday party this morning for cute little LEC. :) Then, Bayleigh had a Girl Scout activity at 11:45, with lunch squeezed in between. When I pick her up this afternoon, we are going to head to Allison's house to watch the Gator game (go GATORS!!!!). We might head out to the armory tonight for a little Christmas party action, but I dunno yet. Depends on how it pans out there food and entertainment wise.

*sigh* I am tired just typing it. And tomorrow is another busy day!

Let me start with an update on Crew. Here's the latest straight from Maegan:
"Crew started his second round of chemotherapy Tuesday, so unfortunately we still aren't able to take him home just yet. He is responding VERY well to it- I walked in today and he was awake and moving around in the crib and when he saw me he gave me the biggest smile- I was SO happy!
We have so much to be thankful for!!
Jerry said that last night, Crew was actually giggling! Our baby boy is going to be just fine.
I'll continue to keep you all updated."

Yes our God still performs miracles everyday. They are by no means out of the woods as he will still have more rounds of chemo to go through due to the aggressive nature of the cancer. But, baby steps are all we ask of Him. He is so graceful and merciful to His children. I appreciate ya'll praying and know that the Lord hears our cries and answers prayers. Don't stop the praying now!

How about this little guy into everything now:

And this little girl who is so excited about Christmas coming:

Just look who showed up at our house this week - Zack. Our elf on a shelf....he made his appearance and the above little girl was beyond excited. :)

And for my exciting news.......AND NO I AM NOT PREGNANT!! Trust me, at this point, I wouldn't be claiming that one as exciting. haha

I have been asked to join the fabulous design team over at Inspired Blueprints. How fun!!! I am joining the fuber talented girls over there and so excited about it. :) You have to go check it out because there are a ton of ideas and the gallery over there rocks!

Alright, have a wonderful Saturday, I will check in tomorrow with some more fun updates.

Stay warm and cozy!


Tuesday, December 02, 2008

in order

Just trying to get my house and life back and order since the vacation last week. After traveling, family visiting, football games, and all the other things going on - my house is suffering. :) But, we are on our way back. Now just have to do the loads and loads of laundry. Ahh the fun of trips!

Here is the little man performing his newest crawling!He is so proud of himself, isn't he?? And we are now into hiding everything and clearing the floor of everything. Because he will find it - no matter how big or small it is - he WILL find it.

And here's Bayleigh on the computer and Layne had to "help" her out. haha

Our Thanksgiving was wonderful and our short stay with my mom was good. :) The driving back in the car with Layne crying for the entire ride home was not. Oh I am waiting for the day that he starts liking the car.

I will leave you with a layout. I did this one for sketch #1 at Inspired Blueprints. Used my Apple Orchard kit and addons from Studio Calico. Fun stuff!! :)

I have some exiting news to share, but it will have to wait a few more days!! Don't want to spill the beans too soon. hehe Torture, huh?

Have a terrific Tuesday!