Saturday, December 06, 2008

here I am.. :)

So, today is a busy day for us. But, I have a moment of down time, so wanted to check in...gotta share my news and an update on baby Crew.

We had a birthday party this morning for cute little LEC. :) Then, Bayleigh had a Girl Scout activity at 11:45, with lunch squeezed in between. When I pick her up this afternoon, we are going to head to Allison's house to watch the Gator game (go GATORS!!!!). We might head out to the armory tonight for a little Christmas party action, but I dunno yet. Depends on how it pans out there food and entertainment wise.

*sigh* I am tired just typing it. And tomorrow is another busy day!

Let me start with an update on Crew. Here's the latest straight from Maegan:
"Crew started his second round of chemotherapy Tuesday, so unfortunately we still aren't able to take him home just yet. He is responding VERY well to it- I walked in today and he was awake and moving around in the crib and when he saw me he gave me the biggest smile- I was SO happy!
We have so much to be thankful for!!
Jerry said that last night, Crew was actually giggling! Our baby boy is going to be just fine.
I'll continue to keep you all updated."

Yes our God still performs miracles everyday. They are by no means out of the woods as he will still have more rounds of chemo to go through due to the aggressive nature of the cancer. But, baby steps are all we ask of Him. He is so graceful and merciful to His children. I appreciate ya'll praying and know that the Lord hears our cries and answers prayers. Don't stop the praying now!

How about this little guy into everything now:

And this little girl who is so excited about Christmas coming:

Just look who showed up at our house this week - Zack. Our elf on a shelf....he made his appearance and the above little girl was beyond excited. :)

And for my exciting news.......AND NO I AM NOT PREGNANT!! Trust me, at this point, I wouldn't be claiming that one as exciting. haha

I have been asked to join the fabulous design team over at Inspired Blueprints. How fun!!! I am joining the fuber talented girls over there and so excited about it. :) You have to go check it out because there are a ton of ideas and the gallery over there rocks!

Alright, have a wonderful Saturday, I will check in tomorrow with some more fun updates.

Stay warm and cozy!



Susan Beth said...

Congrats on the Design Team gig! And you are right that God is still doing miricles! So good to here that Crew is doing better and his parents are feeling encouraged! It must be hard, but God will walk with them through all of this!

Angela W said...

Congrats to you for being on their Design Team! I will have to check them out! Thanks also for the update on Crew, so great to hear! I know it has has to be awesome for them to see and hear him giggling and smiling!

Mike said...

continued prayers for baby glad he is responding well to his treatment.
congrats on your Design Team spot. how exciting!
i love your little elf on the shelf. he looks like he's really up to no good though...sneaky little eyes.

karen m. (akaliz) said...

Mike is actually me. my hubby's login. sorry. i logged out before i could delete!
i hope i didn't do that elsewhere.