Friday, January 30, 2009

Only 9 am?!?!

Let's see... Today I have already:
* unloaded dishwasher
* loaded dishwasher
* bundled up babies
* loaded babies in car
* drove to school
* unloaded babies
* opened and closed the school store
* drove home to get Bayleigh her glasses *rolls eyes*
* drove back to school
* drank my white chocolate mocha *swoon*
* dropped by the bank
* fed 2 babies
* loaded more dishes in the dishwasher

Man, busy day already. But, that's about it for me today as far as running around goes. I knew that I wouldn't go back out in the cold once I got home - so I did my bank run this morning. *smile*

Mostly housework for me today - laundry, vacuuming, mopping, etc. Fun times! Oh and some scrapbooking in there too. YAY for mojo returning!!! :)

Had to share my proud mommy moment - baby Layne signed "more" for the first time on his own yesterday! Wooo hoooo - now he signs it all the time when he is done with his baby food. heehee *smile* You see, I am a trained speech pathologist. I know that babies receptively understand more than they can expressively relay at this age. So.....I did about 4-5 signs with Bayleigh at about this age to help her with frustration and screaming!! (and help me too!!) And since Layne is in no hurry to talk...I decided to do it again. We have introduced "more" up to this point. And he got it!!! Today I introduced "milk." It is just TOO sweet to see him signing. :)

Okay, mommy gush over.

Here's a layout for Inspired Blueprints. This was the bonus sketch. FUNNNNNN to do. I totally did this layout in a day...which is remarkable. haha That's why I love the sketches - so easy to complete and adapt in a short amount of time.
Using lots of KI stuff!! Love me some KI. :) And they are coming out with a fabulous little boy line that is on my must have list.

Well, have a fabulous Friday! I am off to a girls night out this evening with my wonderful girlfriends. We are going to see the new movie with Harry Connick Jr. *swoon* Yeah, nuff said. hehe

Enjoy your day! Do something for yourself.


Thursday, January 29, 2009

There's no place like home....

Ahhh, the joys of home. I just love my house - it truly is my home and place of rest. :)

We are back from the whirlwind weekend. Except it wasn't very much of a whirlwind in a good sense of the word. Always something huh?

I was so excited to get away and be able to attend a wonderful rehearsal dinner at a winery in St. Augustine - with wonderful food and great conversation. Then, a fabulous reception dinner consisting of filet mignon eaten overlooking the beaches and intercoastal of St. Augustine. I was expecting great things! Can you totally see where this is going??

Friday afternoon during the rehearsal itself, Andy felt sick. Turns out, he got the stomach bug that Layne was dealing with earlier in the week. Not much fun from there on out....we ended up going to the rehearsal dinner (not sure why he committed to go!). He spent his time mostly in the bathroom while I cared for Layne and tried to enjoy the company I was with. When the dinner line was opened, I wanted to wait until the line was small - however; Andy prompted me to go because he wasn't lasting and wanted to go. So, I scarfed my food and we left. Delicious food. But, scarfed nonetheless. I spent the rest of the night wandering the isles of Target with the baby, so I could get out of the hotel room and try to do something fun. Like spending some money! heehee And mostly to avoid watching and listening to Andy get sick all night.

Then, Bayleigh got the stomach bug on Saturday morning. Poor baby! :(

Needless to say, the weekend was not what I had been expecting or hoping for. I couldn't help but be disappointed and sad. And thinking that if only our original plan would have been supported by his family, we might have been in a different boat. But, it's okay. I had to let it's no ones fault. :)

We did get to enjoy the wedding and reception. A few pictures to share from the event:

Alright, holy picture overload, huh?!?!? :) That's our eventful weekend in a nutshell. haha The only eventful part!!

I have a project due today that I am trying to finish up, so I better get back to it! Nothing like procrastination!! hehe I work better under pressure. Ahhh, at least that is what I tell myself.

Back tomorrow with a layout to share.

Until then....


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Diapers. check. Clothes. check.

Well, I am super busy trying to pack stuff for 4 people including an infant!! Yikes!! We are headed out this afternoon after baby J goes home to scoot over to St. Augustine. Andy is in his commander's wedding and it's a HUGE event! Lots of things and fancy events to attend. Bayleigh will be going with Andy's dad for the entire weekend. We will keep Layne with us and he will stay with friends during the wedding on Saturday. We had a bigger and better plan, but that was shot due to some family "issues." So, we will make the best of what we've got.

Layne is now all better. And I am now all better. I got his yuckies yesterday, but am feeling much much better today. I appreciate everyone's good thoughts and prayers for us!

So, what's new?!? I feel so out of touch....the Lysol has gotten to my head and consumed my every minute. haha

Let me update with my Inspired Blueprints layout for Sketch #8. I was assigned an 8.5x11 page and a here they are:
Yep, the same card as below. I used my LRS kit to make the card after the sketch!! So fun!!!

You totally need to head over there to check out the kit AND check out the bonus sketch!!!!! It's sooo fun and easy. It literally took me just a couple of hours to do that page. hahaha That is a big record for me. LOL May not be that great for some of ya'll, but for me - that is HUGE! I am a *really* slow scrapper. So, head on over to Inspired Blueprints now!! I will update my blog with the bonus sketch layout when I get back.

I hope that everyone has a great weekend. It's CHA weekend - so big stuff coming. Check out the blog over at Studio Calico because they will be updating everyday with new stuff. This is my favorite time of the year. This is *my* Christmas!!! haha I just love seeing all the new product that will be coming out in the next few months.

So far my favorites are October Afternoon, Sassafrass Lass, Scribble Scrabble, Cosmo Cricket, and Crate Paper. Yummy goodies. Check them out!!

I will check in with a full scoop on the big military to-do wedding when we get back!

Until then...


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

There he goes again....


Poor baby Layne is sick once again. He went to bed just fine and woke up vomiting at about 1 am. After more ickies into the bathroom sink, then changing his sheets and his clothes and getting him settled back down - he was fast asleep. Only to wake up an hour later to him again vomiting. This went on ALL night....every hour on the hour. He woke up at about 9 am, all smiles and wanting to play and eat. I let him play for a bit and then skipped his normal breakfast foods to just nurse him. Before we were even done, he had thrown up every bit of milk he had consumed. So, we have the ickies yet again. I am Lysoling, wiping, laudering, hand sanitizing ALL the time. I am praying he gets better soon and that we will all stay well. Poor sweet baby boy.

We are supposed to head to St. Augustine this weekend for Andy's commander's wedding. It is quite the to-do - so it should be a fun time. Hopefully, we will get rid of all of these sickies before going.

Alright, I am tired, so I am going to stop rambling. LOL

But, I did want to share my Little Red Scrapbook pages for January.

This one was for the January challenge - FLASHBACK. And is this paper not perfect for 80s pictures??? hahaha I wasn't quite old enough for all of the 80s rage (the picture was taken in 1993) - but I mean, I did have some 80s tendencies - NKOTB, neon, slouch socks, etc. You totally need to check it out and get those pictures of yourself scrapped...pull out those oldies, scaries yes, but your kids/family will love it!!

Take a moment to reflect on what this day means to Americans. No matter what party you align yourself with - this day is historic and will be forever etched on my mind.

Alright, until tomorrow. And hopefully better health news.


Friday, January 16, 2009


Okay, I live in Florida. *You* all know that. *I* know that that. However, I wouldn't believe it today!! It was 26 degrees when I took Bayleigh to school this morning....26 people!!! And the high today is only 44. I mean, seriously?!?! *sigh* I wish it would snow. If it's going to be that cold - it should snow. We deserve snow for enduring this cold weather. :) All you northerners need not feel bad though, I understand you have it much, MUCH worse. haha

Well, to top off the cold weather - we are ALL sick. Bayleigh was first, then Layne, and I came down with it yesterday. No fun at all. I am so congested...but, feeling a bit better since taking some sinus pressure meds. I am hoping it stays away from Andy because I don't know if my patience can take it. Don't laugh, you know how men are!!! Piti. Ful.

I plan to hole myself up and scrap all weekend. It is just *too* cold to go outside and do anything. I might take Bayleigh around the neighborhood to sell Girl Scout cookies on Sunday. We will see how the weather holds up.

I have a page to first Inspired Blueprints assignment!!! YAYYAYAYAY!! So so fun. :) Check out sketch #7 over there. Great way to scrap lots of pictures or let those patterned paper shine. I am not normally a lots of pictures scrapbooker, but this was fun. It's always fun to go outside of your box, you know??
Fun stuff. :) All paper is by Reminisce. I loved that fall line from last year....and was saving it for a special page. I save lots of paper for special projects. haha

I have lots of layouts to share now that I found an online editing program. (Thanks Katrina!) I won't post them all now, but look for them in the coming days!

I hope that you are all staying warm in this frigid weather.

Until tomorrow...


Tuesday, January 13, 2009


haha - That is so not a word, right!??! Oh should be! :)

I squeaked in with my LRS design team layouts for the month. Man, with the holidays, time really sped away from me.

Here are some sneaks before the pages go live:

Lots of fun American Crafts goodies to work with!! :) Keep your eye on the gallery there for when the layouts go live. The other DT ladies did some awesome work!

Both the kids are currently sick. Can you say, WOW?!?!?! LOL Bayleigh has been home for the past two days with a bad head cold - but she IS going back tomorrow. At 11:30 today I contemplated taking her up there then. Seriously. I told I was going to make her change out of her pjs, so she could make it for lunch. Yeah, this mama is tired of caring for 2 sick babies and another baby for the past two days. School is calling her name. Literally! They called both days to let us know she was absent. *wink*

Hope that everyone is staying warm. We are supposed to get progressively colder in the coming days. Yes, in the teens on Friday. Teens people!!!! This is Florida. Teens are unacceptable.

Off to clean my desk as it is a complete disaster!!!

Oh and be sure to check out the sneaks for February's kit over at Studio Calico. They go live tonight at midnight! Shaping up to be another FABULOUS kit! They never disappoint.

Until tomorrow...


Friday, January 09, 2009

Gator bait!

Normally, I don't post sports related things on my blog. But, I just can't resist. My alma mater - the University of Florida - played and won the National Championship last night! GO GATORS! It's a great day to be a part of Gator Nation. And I am so impressed with Tim Tebow - off the field. If you haven't heard of him yet, go look him up. He is an awesome football player, but more importantly, he is a crusader for Christ. Amazing guy!

Okay, back to regular scheduled program. Just had to get my gloating in there for a minute. :)

It's been a rough week here. Getting back into our routine and getting my house cleaned. Baby J has not liked being back at Mrs. Christie's house either. Makes for some *really* long days when he just wants to be held or sat with all day long. And if it's not one of those two - he screams....and I do mean, scream! I am sure each week will get easier. But, wow - what a week!

Here's a layout I did awhile back with the November addon papers at LRS. Fun Crate Paper line and uber cute pictures of little Bayleigh with her first cousin, Emma.

That little baby is now 4 and her mama had another baby this week. Her water broke on Wednesday and she delivered baby Aaron via c-section. She was only 30 weeks along....but, Aaron is doing pretty well - weighing in at 4 pounds, 1 ounce. If you could keep them in your thoughts, that would be great. They are expecting to keep the baby for at least 3 weeks, but my sister-in-law will be going home this weekend.

I am so glad that it is Friday!! :) I am going to enjoy this weekend so much. Time with the kids and Andy is drilling, so it will be quiet. haha Hey, we all need a break every once in awhile, right?

I guess that's about all the rambling from me today. I will finish with some pictures of my hair transformation....over 9 inches cut off!

After (excuse the windblown hair - it was really windy and I had to take this one myself):
I am loving it and it's nice to not have babies pulling on it all day! hehe

Until next time...


Thursday, January 08, 2009

Don't faint!

Two days in a row, I am blogging!! Woo hoo....way to start off the new year. :)

So, baby boy has stopped sucking his thumb. :( He got a really bad ear infection and stopped almost 3 weeks ago. He even stopped nursing. (read: OUCH!!!!!) Luckily, he started nursing again. However, no more thumb sucking. So sad! But, the saddest part is that now he doesn't have a way to self-soothe to go to sleep because he won't take a pacifier either. *sigh*

Here are a few pictures of me and the kids the Sunday before Christmas. I can't believe how big they are getting. These were all taken by me and one with the self-timer...which is interesting when you are holding a baby and trying to run into place. haha I am sure my neighbors were watching over their morning cup of coffee laughing their heads off at me.

I am working on my January design team projects for Little Red Scrapbook. What a fun kit! I thought, "Oh boy bright colors!?!?!" But, man, it's so fun to work with things out of my comfort zone. Love it! You have to check it out. All newly released American Crafts stuff! Woot woot!Run, don't walk, to check it out. And the addons?!?! To die for!!! I had to get it all this month. There are some *really new* released Thickers in the embellishment addon - glittery goodness that they are!!

Alright, have to go chase down the little man. He is into everything lately. I can't keep my eyes off of him for more than 30 seconds or he has a piece of paper or something of his sisters in his mouth. :) Maybe this will help her with her tidiness issue?!?!? Ha - yeah right! A mama can dream, right??

Until tomorrow...Happy Thursday!


Wednesday, January 07, 2009

And they returned home...

Okay, I have had this screen up for two days! It's time to finally post something. haha Procrastinator much??

Do you ever get so behind that getting caught up seems impossible? I mean, the thought occurs that why should you bother? That is how I have felt...trying to get my house caught up, kids caught up, laundry caught up, unpacking caught up, and everything else that fell by the wayside while we were on "vacation."

So, we are back. We traveled down to my mom's place on the west coast of Florida and enjoyed our time there. Then, we drove across the state and visited my dad. A few days later, we traveled back up home. A total of 17 hours in the car over that visit. Yeah, I am so glad to be home and out of a car. Couple that with Layne's aversion to his car seat and some of those hours were L-O-N-G!

Bayleigh is back at school. Can you hear me screaming and jumping up and down?? I was happy to have her home, but also soooo happy to see her back to school. Routine is good. She craves routine. *I* crave routine. haha :) And she started her first day back with a pile of homework. Yay school!

I guess I need to update with my layouts and projects for December's Little Red Scrapbook kit. Yikes - it really has been a long time. The kit was the new Arctic Chill line by Fancy Pants. Such pretty paper - but, very challenging for this Florida girl to create with. Here are my pages:
And these are for my December daily album. I have only done through the 4th, but I do plan on doing more! Alright, enough for me today! I am going to post more tomorrow, including some pictures of my two Christmas cuties and of my new do! :) Yes, I got over 9 inches cut off.

Have a great Wednesday! **hugs** to you all.