Thursday, January 08, 2009

Don't faint!

Two days in a row, I am blogging!! Woo hoo....way to start off the new year. :)

So, baby boy has stopped sucking his thumb. :( He got a really bad ear infection and stopped almost 3 weeks ago. He even stopped nursing. (read: OUCH!!!!!) Luckily, he started nursing again. However, no more thumb sucking. So sad! But, the saddest part is that now he doesn't have a way to self-soothe to go to sleep because he won't take a pacifier either. *sigh*

Here are a few pictures of me and the kids the Sunday before Christmas. I can't believe how big they are getting. These were all taken by me and one with the self-timer...which is interesting when you are holding a baby and trying to run into place. haha I am sure my neighbors were watching over their morning cup of coffee laughing their heads off at me.

I am working on my January design team projects for Little Red Scrapbook. What a fun kit! I thought, "Oh boy bright colors!?!?!" But, man, it's so fun to work with things out of my comfort zone. Love it! You have to check it out. All newly released American Crafts stuff! Woot woot!Run, don't walk, to check it out. And the addons?!?! To die for!!! I had to get it all this month. There are some *really new* released Thickers in the embellishment addon - glittery goodness that they are!!

Alright, have to go chase down the little man. He is into everything lately. I can't keep my eyes off of him for more than 30 seconds or he has a piece of paper or something of his sisters in his mouth. :) Maybe this will help her with her tidiness issue?!?!? Ha - yeah right! A mama can dream, right??

Until tomorrow...Happy Thursday!



mom2ee said...

your babies are beautiful...will check out the creations at LRS

*Paula* said...

Go you, getting into pictures. I have never managed to master the self timer!