Wednesday, January 07, 2009

And they returned home...

Okay, I have had this screen up for two days! It's time to finally post something. haha Procrastinator much??

Do you ever get so behind that getting caught up seems impossible? I mean, the thought occurs that why should you bother? That is how I have felt...trying to get my house caught up, kids caught up, laundry caught up, unpacking caught up, and everything else that fell by the wayside while we were on "vacation."

So, we are back. We traveled down to my mom's place on the west coast of Florida and enjoyed our time there. Then, we drove across the state and visited my dad. A few days later, we traveled back up home. A total of 17 hours in the car over that visit. Yeah, I am so glad to be home and out of a car. Couple that with Layne's aversion to his car seat and some of those hours were L-O-N-G!

Bayleigh is back at school. Can you hear me screaming and jumping up and down?? I was happy to have her home, but also soooo happy to see her back to school. Routine is good. She craves routine. *I* crave routine. haha :) And she started her first day back with a pile of homework. Yay school!

I guess I need to update with my layouts and projects for December's Little Red Scrapbook kit. Yikes - it really has been a long time. The kit was the new Arctic Chill line by Fancy Pants. Such pretty paper - but, very challenging for this Florida girl to create with. Here are my pages:
And these are for my December daily album. I have only done through the 4th, but I do plan on doing more! Alright, enough for me today! I am going to post more tomorrow, including some pictures of my two Christmas cuties and of my new do! :) Yes, I got over 9 inches cut off.

Have a great Wednesday! **hugs** to you all.



Larajc said...

great layouts and projects.

It is nice after the holidays to get a little breathing room, isn't it?

lauren said...

great layouts!

Cath said...

The LOs are really inspiring. All I need now is for my kit to arrive!

karen m. (akaliz) said...

love the pom-poms on the cute!

i'm there with you on routine. i must have it! have a good one!

Anonymous said...

love that bingo card!!

Kelly said...

Beautiful layouts ;o)