Friday, January 30, 2009

Only 9 am?!?!

Let's see... Today I have already:
* unloaded dishwasher
* loaded dishwasher
* bundled up babies
* loaded babies in car
* drove to school
* unloaded babies
* opened and closed the school store
* drove home to get Bayleigh her glasses *rolls eyes*
* drove back to school
* drank my white chocolate mocha *swoon*
* dropped by the bank
* fed 2 babies
* loaded more dishes in the dishwasher

Man, busy day already. But, that's about it for me today as far as running around goes. I knew that I wouldn't go back out in the cold once I got home - so I did my bank run this morning. *smile*

Mostly housework for me today - laundry, vacuuming, mopping, etc. Fun times! Oh and some scrapbooking in there too. YAY for mojo returning!!! :)

Had to share my proud mommy moment - baby Layne signed "more" for the first time on his own yesterday! Wooo hoooo - now he signs it all the time when he is done with his baby food. heehee *smile* You see, I am a trained speech pathologist. I know that babies receptively understand more than they can expressively relay at this age. So.....I did about 4-5 signs with Bayleigh at about this age to help her with frustration and screaming!! (and help me too!!) And since Layne is in no hurry to talk...I decided to do it again. We have introduced "more" up to this point. And he got it!!! Today I introduced "milk." It is just TOO sweet to see him signing. :)

Okay, mommy gush over.

Here's a layout for Inspired Blueprints. This was the bonus sketch. FUNNNNNN to do. I totally did this layout in a day...which is remarkable. haha That's why I love the sketches - so easy to complete and adapt in a short amount of time.
Using lots of KI stuff!! Love me some KI. :) And they are coming out with a fabulous little boy line that is on my must have list.

Well, have a fabulous Friday! I am off to a girls night out this evening with my wonderful girlfriends. We are going to see the new movie with Harry Connick Jr. *swoon* Yeah, nuff said. hehe

Enjoy your day! Do something for yourself.



Kristii said...

absolutely beautiful layout!! You are on a roll today girl!! I hope you have a great weekend!!

Karen said...

You have been so busy already.

Angela W said...

Busy, busy! Have a great time at the mvie! I love Harry!

Amy Adams (aka Scrapitgal) said...

Your LO is gorgeous!! Enjoy your movie tonight!! Love Harry!!

Jenni said...

You're one busy bee!!! So productive! LOVE that layout...what a beautiful piece of work!!!!

Davinie said...

How old is baby Layne? I did signs with my kids and more was the first sign Morgan learned too. I think she was 8 or 9 months?

Emily said...

cute layout!