Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I do live in the peninsular state - you know the one surrounded by water on 3 sides?!?! Right?? I mean, it is still October. Right?? And our temperature this morning??? 30 freaking degrees. That is way too cold for this Florida girl in October. And tonight, we are expecting more cold temperatures! Yikes!

I forgot what it's like bundling up a baby. And how they scream when you put the hat over their ears and the big fluffy jacket on. LOL Layne was so not impressed.

However, he was impressed with all the hay he encountered this weekend. First, the hay on the hay bales for the rides at church....

And he did the same thing at the pumpkin patch - picking up the hay on the ground and trying to eat it. Silly boy!

Today is errand day. And of course, I would pick the coldest day of the freaking year to take the kids out to run some errands. Oy!!! Couldn't take them on Monday when it was a balmy 65!! :)

I will leave you with another page I created inspired by the wonderful and talented Nicole Samuels. She is so inspiring I swear - head on over to check her out at Studio Calico.

And lastly - the new LRS kit will be up on November 1st. Wooo hoooo - my kit should be here any day. I will get to cracking with it and post some sneaks as soon as I get some pages done. I can't wait to dig in to all those goodies!

Until next time...


Monday, October 27, 2008


What a weekend we had. It was chock full of fun stuff for all of us - oh and a little hard work too. :)

Saturday we went and helped get ready for Fellowship Baptist Church's Harvest Festival. I sat and hung doughnuts on a string for a few hours..hahaha Andy helped lift palates of hay and other heavy stuff...because that is what boys do. Bayleigh ate candy that we had collected to hand out....because that is what little girls do. And Layne sat in his stroller and took it all in.

We came home to watch the Gators stomp the Kentucky Wildcats!! wooo hooooo - lovin' me some Gator football. :)

Then, off we went to the pumpkin patch to pick our pumpkins for the year. Here in Florida, we can't get them too soon or they implode. Yeah, eww. Not fun picking up a squishy, stinky pumpkin from the front porch. Been there. Done that. Enough said. Seriously.

Yesterday was church...and then the Harvest Festival. We had a great time!!! Andy and I served chili for over an hour - I swear we probably handed out a hundred pounds of chili. There were record numbers there. And this year, with the economy in a mess and tight budget $$, we were on limited funds. We did more this year than done before and more people came than have ever come before. I tell's amazing what the Lord can do when you hand things over to Him.

It was a great weekend, but I sure am glad that it is Monday. :) Time to get my house back in order and start another week.

It won't be long until we go home for Thanksgiving and I can't wait. I haven't been "home" since Christmas of last year. Crazy! And my dad and brother have yet to meet Layne. Seriously. It's time for some good old mama love. LOL

Off to do some laundry and get back to it while the boys nap.

Until next time.


Friday, October 24, 2008

I'm still here...

Been in quite a slump lately. Trying to get out my big girl panties and carry on. hehe :)

I have yet to get a picture of Bayleigh with her new haircut! I know - what a slacker scrapper I am. She has started taking showers in the mornings, so her hair is wet when she leaves. And when she gets home it is a mess. I should get some good ones this weekend though. We have our church Harvest Festival, the pumpkin patch, and church on Sunday. All perfect opportunities to snap a great picture. :)

I should be receiving my November LRS kit very soon. I am super excited about it!!! It is all a line that I have been dying to get my hands on for awhile now....sooooo I can't wait!! Just have to finish a couple of projects up and my desk will be clear to go. If you haven't checked them out - go now!! Great things are in the works.

Here's a new layout I did:

Totally inspired by Davinie Fiero (again!) - that girl can scrap!! haha Just had to document Bay's sweet tooth. Man, that girl would eat candy and chocolate all day if I let her. Not such a bad idea to me! haha

Layne is doing great! Growing so big....and babbling up a storm. Of course da-da is in the mix. But, no ma-ma yet in the string of babbles. That's okay. It is still adorable.

Here we all are before we were off to the Havana Pumpkin Festival last Saturday. Andy was at drill, so it was just me and the kiddos.We met up with friends from church and went to Cracker Barrel and then headed over. Here are all the kiddos. Note the huge grin on Layne's face. He is just smitten with his big sister. It is just too cute. :) Makes this mama's heart swell for sure.(Remember to click on the pic to see it bigger)

Enjoy your Friday!! I am sure I will have many more pictures to add in the coming days.


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

well, hello there

It's been far too long. But, it seems as though the ickies have again returned to the Wildes household. Layne somehow got a ringworm on his face, then came down with a cold, and last night broke out in some sort of rash on his body. Now I am sick with said cold - probably due to the total lack of sleep this weekend dealing with a sick baby boy. So, I am high on Dayquil and popping my ColdEase every 3 hours or so. Hoping this is gone *very* soon.

Nothing much is news around these parts.

Yesterday I met with Bayleigh's teacher and she had nothing but great things to say about her. I furrowed my brow a bit at those comments. haha She's a good kid. For everyone else. :) I discussed her apparent lack of motivation and caring and asked that her teacher please help me with it. So....we shall see. Other than that, nothing but beaming and glowing reports on how wonderful she is doing. Makes this mama proud.

She got a haircut courtesy of me. :) I was sick of the long tangles and mangy hair. So, off it went and she looks just adorable with her new do. I will take some pics today and post for you to see. I will try to do a before and after comparison.

I am taking part in Scraptoberfest over at Lifetime Moments. Fun stuff - the challenge is to do a layout a day.

I did this page. I totally got the inspiration from a layout by Davinie Fiero - scrapbooker extraordinaire. :) You can click on each image to see it bigger and the journaling is in there too.

And I will leave you with a picture of the little man.
Gotta go get some rest while the boys rest. Will update tomorrow with new do pictures.

Enjoy your Tuesday!


Wednesday, October 08, 2008


You know you just yelled that out, right? :)

That is what I feel like today. Taking 4 children in a car every morning to school is getting tiresome. Bayleigh's best friend E has been coming over every morning to go to school with us. Her grandparents, who normally take her, are out of the country. So, we have been doing this for a good solid month now. And I am wore out. Ti'erd. hehe

It's been a rough week. Lots of baby crying. Lots. Dunno what is up with that.

Lots of 7-year-old attitude. Lots. I do know what is up with that. It's her dad's stubbornness and her own drama. Sheesh.

I am positive that my week will turn around. :) I am going to a benefit at the Women's Pregnancy Center tomorrow evening. I get to listen to Pam Tebow speak, so I am pretty excited about that. You know, mom to Tim Tebow, aka Superman. LOL It's a Gator joke I guess.

Have some things to share with you.

Layne's 7 month snapshots:

Layne's new favorite - sitting up in the tub:
And sucking on his wash rag:
Anniversary flowers given to me by Andy. Aren't they pretty?? :)
Of course, I also have some scrappy things to share. Sorry for the picture heavy post. But, ya'll like pictures don't you?? hehe

A layout I did for the Inspired Blueprints sketch this week:

Added some close up pictures of the small embellies and details on the page. If you haven't done so, go check out the sketch - it is awesome. I turned mine a little bit. :) Some inspiration drawn from Rita Oliverio....she rocks!!!!

Also, the new kit is up at Little Red Scrapbook. And you do not want to miss it. It is just gorgeous!!!! Lots of new Sassafrass paper and all the addons are to die for. I didn't start with this kit - but I had to go ahead and buy it all anyways. haha

Check it out! Next month's kit has been confirmed and I just have to say - it's going to rock your socks off.

Until next time....


Monday, October 06, 2008

menu Monday

Sunday - chicken and dumplings, yeast rolls
Monday - flat iron steak, baked potatoes, butter beans
Tuesday - leftovers
Wednesday - leftovers
Thursday - chicken and rice, cauliflower
Friday - leftovers
Saturday - pot roast, cheese grits, asparagus, yeast rolls

Total bill for the week: $111.68

Thursday, October 02, 2008

I made it!! :)

I was MIA yesterday because I was dealing with Layne and some sort of ear problem. AND I was waiting on the big Little Red Scrapbook announcement. Refresh. Refresh. Refresh. haha That is what I did all morning.



I am so excited and thrilled to be joining some awesome ladies over there. Woot woot!! You can find the site and awesome kits here.... Little Red Scrapbook. (ok, dude! links not working right can use my sidebar, I will come back and fix it when blogger starts behaving!) Lots of fun stuff coming your way!! You don't want to miss out on this month and next month is to die for, so don't miss out!!!!! Go. NOW!!! :)

In other news...Layne turned 7 months yesterday. I didn't get to snap any pictures though because we had a busy day after the doctors appointment, making dinner for friends, and doing the whole church/bible club thang. I will for sure take some today. It's chilly out, so I should get some fun ones of him in his little man sweater. :)

Bayleigh is challenging me so much right now. Anyone have advice for this wore out mama?!?! It's the sassyness and lack of caring about anything that is KILLING me. Any. Thing. She doesn not give a flying flip about. I was so not like that as a kid and I just can't wrap my mind around it. I am ready to have something work. Some. Thing.

I made this

A super simple page inspired by one of the designers at SL. This kit is all Scarlet Lime goodies...finally the end of that kit!! :) Now on to the next one. I have some ideas floating around - so we will see if the boys will cooperate.

I love this picture of Bayleigh and me. Taken by photo Andy. :) He did good. I have trained him well. Had to document this one for sure. And I wanted to keep the focus on the picture - not on the paper or embellishments.

Alright, better do dishes and laundry while the wee ones are napping.

So excited to see you over at Little Red Scrapbook.