Tuesday, October 14, 2008

well, hello there

It's been far too long. But, it seems as though the ickies have again returned to the Wildes household. Layne somehow got a ringworm on his face, then came down with a cold, and last night broke out in some sort of rash on his body. Now I am sick with said cold - probably due to the total lack of sleep this weekend dealing with a sick baby boy. So, I am high on Dayquil and popping my ColdEase every 3 hours or so. Hoping this is gone *very* soon.

Nothing much is news around these parts.

Yesterday I met with Bayleigh's teacher and she had nothing but great things to say about her. I furrowed my brow a bit at those comments. haha She's a good kid. For everyone else. :) I discussed her apparent lack of motivation and caring and asked that her teacher please help me with it. So....we shall see. Other than that, nothing but beaming and glowing reports on how wonderful she is doing. Makes this mama proud.

She got a haircut courtesy of me. :) I was sick of the long tangles and mangy hair. So, off it went and she looks just adorable with her new do. I will take some pics today and post for you to see. I will try to do a before and after comparison.

I am taking part in Scraptoberfest over at Lifetime Moments. Fun stuff - the challenge is to do a layout a day.

I did this page. I totally got the inspiration from a layout by Davinie Fiero - scrapbooker extraordinaire. :) You can click on each image to see it bigger and the journaling is in there too.

And I will leave you with a picture of the little man.
Gotta go get some rest while the boys rest. Will update tomorrow with new do pictures.

Enjoy your Tuesday!



Lauren said...

Adorable layout!! Feel better..My family has colds too!

Lauren said...

Adorable layout!! Feel better..My family has colds too!

mommy2alex said...

Look at those little squooshy legs - he's so cute!
Man, does she have the pout face down already or what? THat layout is so cute, but the pictures just make me want to buy her an ice cream!
Hope the sickies leave soon.

Rita said...

HOpe you all feel better soon! I think we're starting to get a bit of it here...ughh!