Friday, July 31, 2009

we are home... :)

So, we headed off for our family vacation last Friday morning and returned last night. :) We had such a good time hanging out and relaxing. was so wonderful. I was sad to see it end because that meant it was back to the real world - paying bills, grocery shopping, laundry, bleck. I even made the comment about that as we were driving to Andy yesterday. He can completely relate. Especially since he had to go back to work this morning. Booooooooo...

Thought I would check in and post my layouts from last month's Little Red Scrapbook kit. I had to double check, but they have not been posted on my blog yet. they are. And of course I got all of the addons. hehe The ribbon in the ribbon addon is just to die for. Ohhhh I want some more of that green ribbon soooo bad!!! You will see it below.

A page about my grill master hubby!! :) Using up some old, old photos that are horribly taken. hahaha It is so funny to look back on my pictures before I started scrapbooking and using a SLR.

Our trip last summer out to the Gulf scalloping!! We had a blast and it was so fun to watch Bayleigh learn how to do it and thoroughly enjoy herself. We got sooo many scallops!!

Layne at 15 months and all the things he does. He is doing his "1" for me here. When you ask him "how old is Layne?" he does this. Too too cute! (and this is the to die for ribbon here!!)
Just a page documenting the differences between Layne and Bayleigh. :) It is so true - boys and girls are definitely different and develop completely different from one another as well.

So, there you have it. Lots of fun to work with this kit for sure. And now my August kit has arrived and I have lots of work to do. Be sure to check out the homepage tomorrow for the new kit pictures.

Have a happy Friday night!

Until next time...


Friday, July 17, 2009


So, this might just be my favorite layout from our vacation that I have done! Not because it is all fancy schmancy or contains wonderfully posed, not at all. Simply because it expresses how I feel about that entire trip perfectly. It shows where we spent most of our time while we were at the lake. *sigh* I miss the lake!

I am still using the Studio Calico Via Airmail kit. My plan is to use that kit for this entire vacation....and then use the kit from last month for this year's lake vacation! :)
So, I made the mistake of going into Michael's today! I had 5 50% off coupons to use from last weeks purchases! *snicker* Turns out, they are now carrying the American Crafts 3-ring albums!! IN BROWN!! I was so excited I think I squealed a little right there in the aisle. And using a 50% off coupon made them only $10. So, I picked two of those up! I do plan to go back next week with another coupon and get the last one that they had.

They also had lots of new paper pads. Including one by Amy Butler. *swoon* You better believe I snatched that baby up. Along with a KI Memories one and another K and Company one. I feel like I have satisfied my urge - but, hey I spent like $45 on all of that stuff. . I should be good for awhile. Welllllllll....until my next batch of coupons needs to be used. ha!

I am busy loading up some stuff onto Ebay and purging more of my stash. It's such a long process, but it adds some cash to the paypal account which helps with my addon addiction! hehe

Hope you are having a fantastic and wonderful Friday!

Until next time....


Thursday, July 16, 2009


Alright, here is the next layout that I have completed from our family vacation. Again, used the Via Airmail kit from Studio Calico. I added the postmarked stamp from one of the addons in there too! I just love ALL of their stamps. *swoon*
I used some red chalk ink to color the ledger Making Memories letters. I thought it added more depth to the title and drew attention to it having them the same color as other elements on my page.

Layne now has a cold, so we are trying to nurse him back to health. I had a feeling this was coming since he was sneezing ALL day yesterday. And sure enough, I picked him up from the nursery and his nose was all runny. Poor thing! He woke up a few times last night....but eventually got comfortable. I am praying that is quick moving and no one else catches it! GO AWAY SICKIES!! :) We have a vacation to enjoy!

I am so excited for my friend Rita. She was chosen to be a Kraft Girl and I could *not* be happier. She is awesome - an amazing artist, but an even more amazing mother to her 3 babies. Yay girl - so happy for you. So well deserved. ((hugs))

I will keep updating with new vacation layouts as I get them done and add them to my album.

Have a great Thursday! :)

Until next time....


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

next up :)

Had to come and share another layout I created using the Via Airmail kit from Studio Calico. This is yet another page about our family vacation in 2007. :) This may just be my favorite kit to date because I am in love with the stamp included. I used the frame from the set to create these little journaling boxes. *swoon*

We are just chilling out today before Vacation Bible School. We have been getting to bed late every night and just running crazy! So, a day of nothing is in order.

Yesterday, we spent the morning with Bayleigh's BFF Eden, her mom, and sister. Took the kids to the park, grabbed some lunch, and came home. It is wayyyy hot here right now, so we can only do 30-45 minutes outside before Layne is overheated and needs to come inside. He gets all pink cheeked and sweaty - poor thing! He's just like his daddy - fair skinned! So, he had trouble napping after getting so hot yesterday, which made for a LONG night. Yes, I think a nice big nap is in order for today! Maybe for both of us... *huge grin*

Alright, off to change out some laundry!

Have a wonderful Wednesday. :)

Until next time...


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

closing it up.. :)

So, I have been feverishly working on finishing our vacation pictures from 2007. :) I am using an old Making Memories line and it has been so much fun to do. I only have 4 pages left and want to get them done in the next 2 weeks before we go on another family vacation....hahaha

Here's the latest page - using mostly contents from last year's Air Mail Studio Calico kit:
That was our cabin at the lake and the view of our boat from the shore. :) That was *the* best vacation - lots of time to relax and chill out...coming and going as we pleased. Ahhhh...and we head back to this lake in just a week and a half to enjoy some more time on the water. *big huge grin*

Have a fabulous Tuesday....I have a few more pages to share from our be sure to check back again tomorrow! (this time I promise! hehe)

Until next time....


Saturday, July 11, 2009

and he's home..... :)

Well, we got home on Tuesday night from traveling down south to see my family. We had a wonderful time and Bayleigh had a blast all week at Lion Country Safari Day Camp! She is already talking about going back again next year. hehe Pool time, feeding animals, and shopping at the gift shop - what more could a girl want?!?!

Once we got back, the pressure was on to finish cleaning the house and get things ready for Andy to come home. Yay for us!!! So, I spent the remainder of the week preparing for his arrival and our Fellowship Baptist crop night - both on Friday night! It was one busy week. I am glad that it is now Saturday and we are past that. For sure!

Andy made it home safe. I won't say sound because he *did* drive 900 miles yesterday. I don't know how he did it....I really don't. Driving is so not my thing. I would rather gauge out my eyes than drive long distances. Seriously. Hate it that much.

So, we are now enjoying a laid back Saturday at home. :) It's so nice.....and I am so thankful that he is home again and I can leave the single motherhood behind until the next Army hoorah.

Thought I would share some Little Red Scrapbook sweetness! This is the kit:And oh man, was it so fun to work with. I was very worried (yet again?!!? notice a trend??). But, it came together so easily. I did most of my work while away at my mom's on vacation. :) And for me that is rare! I have a hard time being creative away from my "stock." *grin*

You must stop on by and check out the entire kit - because all of the addons are great and the ribbon is TO DIE FOR!! Delish! :) You must get that ribbon - I am thinking about getting another one to have!! That's how good it is. The addon paper is perfect for all of your summer pictures.

Be back tomorrow with a new layout to share!! Enjoy your Saturday!!

Until then....