Friday, October 24, 2008

I'm still here...

Been in quite a slump lately. Trying to get out my big girl panties and carry on. hehe :)

I have yet to get a picture of Bayleigh with her new haircut! I know - what a slacker scrapper I am. She has started taking showers in the mornings, so her hair is wet when she leaves. And when she gets home it is a mess. I should get some good ones this weekend though. We have our church Harvest Festival, the pumpkin patch, and church on Sunday. All perfect opportunities to snap a great picture. :)

I should be receiving my November LRS kit very soon. I am super excited about it!!! It is all a line that I have been dying to get my hands on for awhile now....sooooo I can't wait!! Just have to finish a couple of projects up and my desk will be clear to go. If you haven't checked them out - go now!! Great things are in the works.

Here's a new layout I did:

Totally inspired by Davinie Fiero (again!) - that girl can scrap!! haha Just had to document Bay's sweet tooth. Man, that girl would eat candy and chocolate all day if I let her. Not such a bad idea to me! haha

Layne is doing great! Growing so big....and babbling up a storm. Of course da-da is in the mix. But, no ma-ma yet in the string of babbles. That's okay. It is still adorable.

Here we all are before we were off to the Havana Pumpkin Festival last Saturday. Andy was at drill, so it was just me and the kiddos.We met up with friends from church and went to Cracker Barrel and then headed over. Here are all the kiddos. Note the huge grin on Layne's face. He is just smitten with his big sister. It is just too cute. :) Makes this mama's heart swell for sure.(Remember to click on the pic to see it bigger)

Enjoy your Friday!! I am sure I will have many more pictures to add in the coming days.



Lauren said...

Very pretty layout..I love how you used the lace paper. For some reason, I struggle with that stuff.
Have a great weekend!

Rita said...

Gorgeous LO! Love how you layered the lace paper! Great pics from the pumpkin patch!