Tuesday, February 03, 2009

More, more, more

Okay, so I taught Layne the sign for more as I mentioned in my last post. And now he uses it. All. the. time. As soon as he gets in his highchair - "more." When he wakes up from his nap - "more." As soon as he has one bite in his mouth - "more." When he doesn't want to take his nap and he is sitting in his crib - "more."
Exhibit A:
And when he doesn't get "more" immediately....he frantically signs "more, more, more." And starts scrunching up his face and crying.
Exhibit B:

Oy...what a boy he is!! He is certainly very different than his sister when she was his age. He is very mischievous.....and has a head of steel. I swear he bumps his head 15 times a day - so much so, it no longer phases him. Bumps and bruises?? No big deal. haha Definitely not the drama of his sister.

I am on honor roll duty and have to get the packets ready for tonight...so, I will be busy doing that. Oh fun times. At least it's only once a 9 weeks, right?!?!

My challenge today is to create a layout WITHOUT kraft cardstock as it's base. Think I can do it?!?! LOL I really need to try something different - so that is the challenge to myself today.

There is a new sketch up at Inspired Blueprints - so go check it out!! My layout won't go up until sometime next week, but this sketch is awesome!! I love being a part of the wonderful inspiration there.

Gonna leave you with a few pictures...not the best quality, but just had to share!
smiling at his big sister:
look at the drool - think we are teething?
layne and his big sister - we can't get him to sit still for pictures anymore:
look at this proud daddy:

Until next time....



Kristin said...

What adorable adorable pictures!!! Seriously; so so cute!
And I totally get you on the kraft cardstock thing--I think I need to make that a personal challenge of mine! If only to not deplete the stash of kraft I have!

Kristii said...

Soooo cute!!! Your kids are so adorable Christie!!! I know what you mean about the Kraft cardstock! You have inspired me to make that a goal for my next layout!! Hope you have a great day!!

Chris Dodaj said...

He is such a sweet little boy!! Both kids are gorgeous!

lauren said...

ADORAble pictures! And graet lil stories about the photos!

I have a bit of a stash of kraft too! LOL!

Close To Home said...

oh i love love love DS's outfit! soo sweet! i love kraft- that IS a challenge!

bAbYbEcKy said...


Amy Coose said...

How cute are your kiddos? I remember mine signing...seems so long ago.

Elisa said...

Beautiful pics.
And I truly understand where you're coming from. When my DD was little, we wondered why nobody makes baby crash helmets!

Lindsay said...

Love all of your photos today! So cute that you caught Layne signing for "more". Have fun scarpping with out kraft - eeek! Have a great week!

Angela W said...

So cute! My almost 2 yr old won't sit still for pics any more. As soon as he realizes I am taking them here he comes. He wants to look at what I took, ugh! I haven't used kraft at all so that wouldn't be a hard challenge for me to do! I want to try to use some though!

AnnaMarie said...

Adorable pics Christie. :) Layne is such a baby doll - and I love seeing the love he has for big sis!
Oh and I'm with you girl on the kraft cardstock - I keep grabbing for it as my base! :-P (great minds think alike eh?! ;))

Francine said...

Why even bother to try not using kraft? kraft rocks!!! LOL

Carla said...

How cute are those 2?!! Hey, just wait till he starts talking!! You'll wish he was signing again! Stay warm there girlfriend!