Saturday, February 14, 2009



So, Bayleigh had a lock-in at church last night. It was a nice break for me!! You see, she has been testing the very limits of my sanity lately. I don't know what it is. I love her dearly, but she knows just how to get my goat. Every. Single. Time. Oy - maybe we are hitting the tween years a tad early?!?!? Maybe the hormones have already started a tad?!?! I have no idea. But, this mama is wore out from the mood swings and drama!

Now you can see why last night was so wonderful. I got a little bit of a break. I picked her up this morning and drove her to Girl Scouts and they are attending an activity at Lowe's and then we have to pick up cookies this afternoon. :) YAY ME!!

Along with Bayleigh being gone today, Andy left this morning for Daytona. He is going to the races this weekend with his Dad. At first, I was not pleased. At. All. I did not want to have more time by myself with the kids. I mean, he's an Army soldier, isn't that time away enough?!?!? But, I am so happy now. I get peace! I can do whatever I want and wear whatever I want. haha

Anyways, I am here by myself and loving every minute. Layne is sleeping right I am enjoying a cup of coffee and surfing the net. Ohhhhh, pure bliss!!! No one asking me 500 questions in the span of 6 minutes. No one turning the tv up way too loud. No one asking where something is. Pure. bliss.

I am going to enjoy it while it lasts. :)

Just thought I would add some pictures before I head to my scrap table! These are all from last Sunday after church. :)
**DISCLAIMER** Please excuse the messy house - these were not edited at all.. haha

I will update tomorrow with my creations for Little Red Scrapbook. Oh and just so you know - that Webster's Pages stuff was absolutely divine to work with. Yumm-o!! And the trims were just delicious. I got all the addons!! So so glad I did. I am going to use the addon papers today!! Be sure to check back tomorrow for my layouts and projects - including a fun mini-album that I created in just about 2 hours!

Enjoy your Saturday!

Until tomorrow...



Nicole said...

alone time just feels awesome and recharges you, doesn't it??!! hope you had an awesome day!! =)

Angela W said...

Happy Valentine's! It sounds like your day turned out to be a pretty good one!

*reyanna klein* said...

Glad you were able to get some alone time. Great photos too! :)

Close To Home said...

very sweet photos! alone time is wonderful!

Rita said...

I had some alone time this weknd too...spent it scrapping :) My kind of day! Glad you enjoyed yours, and I loved the photos!