Sunday, December 14, 2008

grumpy babies

make for grumpy mommies.

Layne has had this eye goo issue. There are like green ickies in them all the time - clumped to his eyelashes and in the corners. I wash his face to help because he acts like you are poking his eye out when you touch any part of his eye. *rolls eyes* No, no pink eye. I have no clue!!

Needless to say - he's been pretty fussy. At times making me want to jump from a tall tree.

We go to the doctor tomorrow for his check-up, so I am hoping we can get some answers then.

Other than that, we put up our outside decorations and put lights on the tree we brought home on Friday.

Bayleigh attended a tea party at Cookies and Tea for Me with her Brownie Girl Scout troop. I don't have pictures because I wasn't allowed to stay - only certified leaders. I might get one from the leader that was there - we will see.

Not much else to report. Just chugging along and looking forward to Christmas. I am ready for this week to go by, so I can sleep in a bit for the next couple of weeks. :)

Let's see if I have a picture to share...yep, little man up on all fours trying to crawl. heheUntil next time...



Karen said...

thanks so much for leaving a com1ment on my blog. have a great day

Kristii said...

Aaahhh...what a cutie!!! Hope everyone is healthy and happy in the days to come!! Praying for you!!! God Bless you this Christmas Season!

Red_Inc. said...

I hope you got some answers from your doctor.
Your 'wanting to jump from a tall tree' comment had me lauging out loud..I know that feeling pretty well too!!

nerllybird said...

Hi Christie, is it not conjunctivitis that your son has? I hate it, every so often it goes round at school and we all get it! Still, I'm sure there are plenty of other options to choose from as well, my medical knowledge is expanding rapidly at the moment, via the internet!! x