Thursday, June 26, 2008

summer lovin'..

And we are having a blast!!! Okay, that was really lame. LOL :) I can't help it.

Bayleigh had her best friend spend the night last night. Oh the fun of a 7-year-old sleepover!! The giggling did not cease until *late* last night. Well, until the monstrous thunderstorm came through. Then, I had a little one crying about being scared and a baby not wanting to go to sleep. Yes, it was a late night for all!

And why do men find it funny to scare the pee out of their wives??!?!?! I was reading a book on the couch last night - because is there anything better than reading a book snuggled on the couch while it rains?!?!? My wonderful hubby (insert *eye roll* here) thought it would be funny to sneak up behind me and just stand there. When I turned around, I FREAKED!!! I mean, fell on the couch in tears, freaked! He just chuckled and then rubbed my shoulders and said not to be scared. Oh boy, men!!

Tomorrow is reveal night at Studio Calico and I am so excited. Can't wait to see the kit and add-ons...but mostly, I can't wait to see how the wonderful designers used all that yummy goodness. Maybe I will be inspired to actually get something done with my June kit. hehe

If anyone knows where to get my hands on some of the new Chatterbox, feel free to pass it along. Or just send me some. Yeah, that would be good too. haha - just teasing!! (kinda). :)

Alright on to the good stuff....a scrapbook page!! YAY!!!

This one was inspired by another lovely lady at SC. And had to get that picture scrapped - only Bayleigh!!
Hope to have another page completed tomorrow!

Off to read my book...



Francine said...

That's a really lovely page! And yeah, my dh loves to scare me too. sigh, what is up with that?

Bill said...

well, lets just say I had to get caught up on all the news, guess i haven't stopped by your blog for way too long. The budget cuts, job thing, possible new job in the wings, (I guess a sorry and congrats are in order!) lots of scrapbooking going on. Yay!
I went to a crop yesterday for the first time in a while and got quite a bit done. I was happy.
What book were you reading? I hope it was good!
Call me asap about the package for my sis. And, I want to catch up with you about later this summer of course!

Bill said...

whoops, I am signing in with Bill's sign in , but this is Erica :-) he he...