Monday, June 23, 2008

cry baby..

I guess that should be cry BABIES. hehe Bayleigh is so emotional - wow! I never knew it would already start at 7. I am in for it when she is a teenager. Yikes. Maybe I can cash in on my "deployment" time when she is in high school. haha

The schedule thing is going well, I think. Layne has been to bed by 8 pm last night and tonight and slept through the night last night until 7 am. I am hoping that today goes the same. I will keep ya'll posted. I pray for my sanity that we can continue on this track.

Alright, onto the good stuff.

Here is a layout using all scraps from my Studio Calico kit ( Lots of yummy goodies on this one.
And here is another one using more of the SC kit. I got this idea from another gal over at SC. And I had to just go with it. :)Loving belonging to Studio Calico. I basically used every last piece of my May kit...all I have left are a few alphabet things and some Hambly leftovers. Yay for me!!

We are probably going to go to the pool for baby/toddler time so that Layne doesn't get trounced by a bunch of 10-12 year olds. Should make for some good pictures.

And here is a picture of the kiddos that about sums it up right now for me.
Bayleigh with a goofy face trying to entertain us and Layne screaming!!! hehe

Pray. for. me. :)


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