Wednesday, August 19, 2009

getting to it!

So, I am finally back to update with some vacation pictures from a few weeks ago. :)

I went on a woman's planning retreat for my church, so I wasn't around Friday or Saturday...totally forgot about that! We had a nice time and got lots of new ideas and inspiration for the year ahead. So excited to see what we will be blessed with in the coming year.

Alright, back to vacation....hehe We went to Camp Blanding - which is a Florida National Guard installation just outside of Starke, Florida. They have cabins to rent right on the lake. We always bring our boat and it stays in the water for the entire week that we stay there. It is just fabulous - the nice slow pace, the water, the sun, and the uninterrupted time with family.

This is our view (panoramic):
Heading down to the water:
Bayleigh and Layne in the water (and enjoying their favorite past time PICKING ON each other *rolls eyes*):
Big man in the boat - I love the look on his face as he stands in the bow of the boat - so accomplished and proud (hehe) Too big for his own britches:
My two babies:

I just love this picture of Bayleigh - she looks so grown and beautiful!!! Sun kissed girl:

Their fish from their nightly excursion to the big dock to fish and bond :) :

On the boat, Layne in his favorite place - the live well with water flowing in...teehee:
The hubby and kiddos driving the boat:

I will be back to post more tomorrow!! I didn't want to put you in picture overload. hehe Figured this was enough for one post.... *giggle*

Off to do some more disciplining and refereeing!! Oy, I can't wait until Monday - back to school and our normal routine. *whew*

Have one fabulous day!

Until next time....



Rita said...

Love your vacay pics! Looks like so much fun! I am up to my eyeballs in refereeing and stopping fights so I feel your pain, lol!

Denise said...

Your vacation looks like it was a lot of fun. I love spending time on the water. Perfect. Oh and spending time in a live well sounds kind of like a hot tub without the hot. LOL!

Erika said...

your vaca looks nice. Lots of speed traps in Starke!

Mia said...

Gorgeous vacay pics! Looks like you had a blast!

Jenn said...

I love all of the pics! And thanks for sending the ones from when I came for the day, too. We need to plan our girls' weekend asap so I have something to look forward to. :) Jenn