Monday, January 28, 2008

The age old adage...

Time flies....

And it really does! Especially when you are trying to adjust to hour long homework sessions with your first grader and preparing for the arrival of a brand new baby! *whew* Just typing that wears me out!

So, here we are. I am now 33 weeks pregnant with our little punkin. I can't believe that he will be arriving any day now!!! Eeek... as a matter of fact, I was at my doctor's office last Thursday because I was feeling some major pressure and didn't know if this kid was going to fall out or what! He reassured me by checking me and patted my back, while telling me "welcome to a pregnancy with a boy!"

Yep, that's right....A BOY!!!!!

Andy finally caved and let me tell him Thanksgiving morning that we are expecting a baby boy. We are all pretty excited!! Bayleigh still isn't sure what to expect, but that is okay. She is going to do great with her baby brother.

I can't really post any new pictures because my camera is gone to Sony! I will probably be getting a new one because my Minolta is just having too many problems for my liking. I am hoping to be able to call them and get some resolution on Thursday - we shall see. I hate going back to 35mm after being spoiled with my DSLR.

I will post more later on....just had to post a quick update to anyone who actually reads this!

See ya'll! :)

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jen said...

Congrats on the baby boy! Little boys are a lot of fun and SOOOO much different than girls. It's fun to see the different mannerisms and personalities that develop when they are so very young. Enjoy every moment.