Tuesday, September 29, 2009

really?!??! really.

It's been nearly a month since I posted?!?! Yes, Christie, it has. Time to get over it and get back to posting. heehee

This has been quite a month to say the least. I won't bore you with all the pitiful details...because it seems like we have been swallowed up by the snowball of bad luck. I am hoping that we are finally at the bottom of that hill. HA!

Layne has a little cold, with some coughing and a runny nose. No fun...poor little thing. I am hoping that he starts to feel better soon though! AND that he doesn't pass it on to me. That is the key!! I just can't afford to get sick...

Not much scrapbooking going on here lately. Just been in a slump - I am sure with all of the stuff going on around here it's no wonder. :)
I do want to share a layout that I did for Inspired Blueprints last month though.

All of these papers are from the new Scribble Scrabble Lullaby of Birdland collection!!! LOVE the colors and so happy that I got them to work on this boy page. :)

I am going to go outside and enjoy this nice cool day - finally some fall air! We have been sweating our tooshies off the past few weeks with temps in the 90s - so I am glad to have a breath of fresh, fall air.

Enjoy your day!!



Lauren said...

Nice layering.

Denise said...

I hope things are on an upswing for you. Sorry to hear it hasn't been that way lately. Your layouts is wonderful. The layering, design and colors are gorgeous! Take care!

Jenn said...

Glad you're back! I love the title of that layout-sooooo cute!!! I guarantee if you come see me your scrapping mojo will come back. :)

moonlightgrrl said...

love the layering and rich colors in that LO! hope things in October get better... and yeah, take some airborne or something. NO GETTING SICKIES!!