Saturday, February 11, 2006

A packing we shall go...

So, I have been packing at a constant rate for a little over a month now. However, when I look around this house, it seems as though I have done nothing!! I just keep chugging along. I am packing all those things that I don't want the movers messing with - pictures, scrapbook supplies, albums, fragiles, etc. Oh what joy!! *rolls eyes*
Andy started his new job on Friday and has been sleeping in his office for the past few nights. Oh the things you do to get by. LOL
We got word that we will close on our house on Tuesday!!!!! We are just so excited that we can hardly contain ourselves. We will officially be home owners. w00t!
We had a long night last night, but thank goodness that is water under the bridge. And praise the Lord that my baby girl is okay. :)
Hope this finds you all well.....until another day...

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