Thursday, February 02, 2006


5 months is way too long to go without updating one's blog. Nevertheless, I fell victim to the busy life and all that it involves.
But, I am going to give it a go - once again.
So, it looks like we are moving about 2.5 hours away to Tallahassee. We are super excited to get moved and buy our first home. But, we are anxious at all that has to be done before we go....and leaving behind the comfort of what we have known for over 5 years.
I am excited to start a new job at a new school....but, change is always nervewracking.
On another front, I have to get some scrapbooking done. I have uploads to work on....and other such fun things. *sigh* If only the family would cooperate!
We hung out with our good friends, Jenn and Amano. :) We had a nice time chatting and drinking margaritas. Now I just want to crawl in bed and wake up whenever I want. But no such luck.... tomorrow is another day at work.
I really hope to get a lot done and mark some things off the to do list before I leave. I get to go scrapbooking too!! So, that is exciting. Wish my luck in getting some stuff done....hahaha. I usually run my mouth more than work on pages. Oh well, I have fun nonetheless.

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Love_My_Wife said...

Well, it is Friday, last day of the business week. Conventional wisdom would say that I should be busy constructing the puzzle that is my family’s near-term future. However, I have been busy at that every day this week. Christie deserves more than this little bit of time for me to reflect on her, and what she means to me.

As I was driving Bayleigh to her daycare this morning, I felt a little “off”. I realized that I have been doing many good things to secure a great future for my little family, but I wasn’t sure if I have been doing a good job of securing my nearest and dearest relationships.

My military obligations have had far reaching effects on my family. And now, it appears as if I may miss Christie and Bayleigh’s birthdays for the second consecutive year. Even if I can provide them a roof and some stability, it is tough to prioritize that over actual time together. I suppose a Soldier’s life is simple. Simply difficult.

In the movie Phenomenon, Robert Duvall (Doc) says that John Travolta’s (George Malley’s) relationship with Kyra Sedgwick (Lace) is successful because George buys Lace’s chairs. Doc asks the other patrons if they have ever bought anyone’s “chairs”, or bought into anyone’s talents, interests, or qualities.

Christie has “chairs” of her own. I buy into them all. I just wish I could do a better job of expressing how interested I am in every aspect of who she is. She has a unique gift of cataloging our family’s relatively new history in very artistic fashion. One day, Bayleigh will have a treasure trove of tangible material, revealing the past of her family’s special little walk through this world.

Christie also has the unique ability to juggle a career, a graduate education, a motherhood, a wifehood, and a household (for the 14 months while I was deployed overseas). She is a case study in over-achieving. It is easy to see why and how she keeps me happy.

I pray for her, and who she is, and where we are headed in our lives together. I firmly believe that we have been Blessed as a direct result of disciplined prayer and faith. Today, I pray that Christie can plainly see how much I love her, no matter if we are together or far apart.

Christie, thanks for working so hard at it all, thanks for leaving up your blog lastnight, and hope you enjoy my first ever "blogpost"

I love you