Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sunday Musings...

So, it's Sunday. I should have been at church. But, instead, I was here on the couch - high on cold medicine and nose raw from tissues. Bleck. I hate being sick. Especially when the weather is so stinking beautiful outside.

As a compromise, I have the french doors and windows wide open with lots of fresh air filling the house. As I take a deep breath, I am relieved that there is warm weather and sunshine. Makes my soul happy!! :)

Andy left yesterday morning and we spent the day running errands. I took Bayleigh and her best friend to see Charlotte's Web in the afternoon. What a great movie!! The book is one of my childhood favorites, but watching the movie - with real animals and a real Fern, so great!

In my quiet last night (between the dozing on the couch), I started thinking about how much work it was for Charlotte to convince Wilbur that he was all those words that she spun about him. Isn't that how our lives are? It takes alot of convincing by others to help us see ourselves for some of the things that we really are. Why is it so hard for us to see the good in ourselves? Is because the world tells us that it is boastful and ungodly? Or is it because we, as women, were raised to believe in being the ultimate unselfish giver of ourselves without ever thinking about what we need or how much we give? I am not sure. But, I know that with me, that has to change. For my own sanity and good, I have got to start focusing on the positive more. If I don't, the dark will intrude and take over parts of my life that I am not willing to hand over.

So, I am going to try to come up with a word everyday that tells something about myself and try to mull it over and pick it apart. Something positive...something inspiring. I deserve it! And so does every other woman!!

Those are my first thought provoking insights from the movie....funny how a kid's movie can teach us grown-ups so much! :)

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