Tuesday, May 20, 2008

i am here :)

It's been awhile since I have posted. Mostly because time escapes me everyday! I went back to work last Tuesday and it has been quite an adjustment. Andy has been staying home with Layne. Let's just say.....EYE OPENER!!! I think he now appreciates all that I do around this house - for sure. I am so over this school year and ready to be home for the summer with my baby.

Say a little prayer because today is when the reappointments are being done at my school. With a budget cut of nearly $10 million - everyone is in jeopardy. I will know much more in the coming days!

On to fun stuff....

A layout about Layne's first monthA cards that uses the KI Memories lace cardstock as a masking template. :)I am working on another layout using a fun new kit from http://www.studiocalico.com. I cannot wait to get it finished and uploaded. Then, on to a new kit that will be here soon.

That's about it for tonight. I am going to try to get to bed at a decent hour tonight.

Night, ya'll.



Denise said...

Gorgeous layout and card! I hope everything went smoothly at work yesterday in regard to the reappointments!

karen akaliz said...

wow...my first visit to your blog. your work is stunning. the colors on here are fabulous...so pretty!

any news from the school about your job? hope all is well.

Close To Home said...

Ohh your little baby is sooo adorable. Makes me so anxious for our third to get here faster (due mid Nov). Sniff Sniff. That self timed photo of the two of you is just beautiful.

Great pages!!!!!!!!!!!!