Wednesday, July 30, 2008

what the heck?!?!

Can someone please tell me where the month of July went?? I mean. Seriously. How is it possible that Friday will be August 1st. Wow. I am such a blog slacker. (as some have clearly pointed out to me!)

Let's see - it won't be hard to catch you up on whats new.

Still no job.
Whiny 7-year old.
Week long vacay with the in-laws and families.
Sick baby.
Sucky Comcast = no internet.
Blessed beyond measure.

Got it? Easy enough. That's July in a nutshell.

The kids are asleep and Andy is on military duty at a conference in St. Pete. I am trying to upload pictures to have on hand to create some new layouts, but my internet has been so sporadic that I am not sure that it will upload the 30+ pictures I just spent an hour picking out.

Niiiice. :)

I love being home! I do want a job, but I really love my time at home with my little man.

Speaking of little man. He will be 5 months on Friday. And since Comcast is once again being a pain in the rear - a picture will have to wait until tomorrow.

Keep your fingers crossed and send any positive thoughts and prayers my way. I really would like to hear about some sort of job soon. Something. Anything. I put in for more jobs today and made phone calls all morning. I am doing all that I can possibly do to try and secure a job. It is so frustrating...and WAY bureaucratic. It's just sick. Seriously. Thanks for thinking of me though...I really would appreciate it. :)

I will have to update with pictures tomorrow. Maybe my internet will actually work. What a concept, heh? It's only $43.95 for service that goes down at least once a day. And has now been done for the better part of 2 days. They are sending someone out. Friday. *rolls eyes* Needless to say we will be shopping for a different internet provider.

Hope that you are well. Sorry to be MIA for so long. The month literally flew by.


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