Wednesday, August 20, 2008

back to school

Bayleigh went back to school on Monday. She has a great teacher and I am sure that we will have a great year! :) Now, we just have to get into a routine for school. Nice challenge for a mama minus her hubby, heh?? Needless to say, I am doing the best I can.

Today was a rough one...but, we made it through. Now all the kiddos are in bed and I am sitting here watching the Olympics. I really should get up and scrapbook...but, I am so comfy right now. :) Maybe in about 15 minutes, I will get up and do the dishes, load some laundry, and then go scrap. I would like to be tucked into bed to watch the women's beach volleyball that is the plan!

Look at this little man:
He's getting so big!! I miss his snugglies. He just wants to be up and at 'em - nosy little booger. We got a double stroller to take the boys out and about in. And he sits up there like the head honcho looking out over his servants. haha Too funny!! I will have to take a picture tomorrow for ya'll to see.

Also tomorrow I will post some pictures of Bayleigh's first day of school. She was so cute and such a little diva for sure. :)

Andy is off gallivanting - eating a nice meal every night at various restaurants in Savannah. Rough work I tell ya. When is my "mission"? haha I might just save that one for when Bayleigh is a teenager. Don't you think I might need to cash it all in then??

Happy Wednesday! :) (it is Wednesday, isn't it??)


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