Saturday, August 02, 2008


I know I said I would post pictures from our vacation, but I am just whipped today.

We had a busy day and I haven't been feeling well at all. So, I will have to post our vacation happenings tomorrow. :)

We had a blast at our church's back to school bash today. Fun water slides and fun stuff! Then, I took Bayleigh over to the library for their summer reading party. We had such a good time and Layne was really good - so was Bayleigh for that matter!

I picked up some pictures to scrapbook and I can't wait to dig in!! :)

I also picked up Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. I was "encouraged" by my Studio Calico friends and can't wait to finish my current book and dig in.

I am off to bed....I am hoping I can kick this cold!

BTW, if anyone knows someone that needs their baby/child watched please email me. I would love to watch someone's little one and be able to continue to stay home! I have tons of experience with kids and I am a trained Speech-Language Pathologist and ESE teacher - so I have lots of patience! haha

Night night everyone!


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