Saturday, June 19, 2010

hello there blog world....

Nice to see you again!! :)

Summer approached in very rapid fashion. Now our days are spent keeping cool at all costs. It has been stifling hot here in North Florida. Ick and double ick. Thank goodness we have a membership to the YMCA because we take advantage of their pool on a weekly basis.

I have started on a healthier lifestyle journey. This just ended week 2. I have been running and fast walking on the treadmill everyday and just making better food choices. Stopping when full. Eating lighter. Eating more frequently. After 2 weeks, I am down 5.5 pounds. So, I am making progress and it is nice to know that busting my butt is actually working. *grin*

Now if I could just convince my husband not to make such wonderfully delicious meals on the weekends, I would be in good shape. Today it was ricotta and parmesan eggplant. Oy...I think I might be full for days. haha

I have been a reading fool latest read is "Eat, pray, love." Pretty good little book and I hear the movie will be coming out soon. :) Would love suggestions on books since I seem to be reading in rapid fashion lately.

Alrighty, off to bed. I will be back tomorrow with some Little Red Scrapbook layouts. Lots of fun stuff for June... Be sure to check it out.



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Jenn said...

Christie, you should join me over on Goodreads! Just search by name or email.