Wednesday, September 10, 2008

better days :)

So, we have had a better day today. Layne was a stinker and wouldn't take naps for me, but that is okay. He is dead asleep now though. Has been since about 8:30. :) This means no middle of the night stirrings...YAY!!

Went to story time at the library. They sing a song at the beginning and go through each of the children's names there...

Layne over the water
Layne over the sea
Layne catch a blackbird
You can't catch me!

For the first time, the little man noticed people saying his name. He didn't quite get it and kept looking from grown up to grown up trying to figure out why they were saying his name. It was mighty cute! Jack even perked a bit when he heard him name.

Here is a picture of Layne on his 1/2 birthday
And Bayleigh decided to dress Layne in her baby dress last night. I was off doing chores, so Daddy was in charge. Needless to say, alot can happen when Daddy is in charge. Including this
And look at this one - the perfect face for being dressed up in his sissy's dress :)
Can't leave off with that one, so here are some baby grins
Tomorrow Layne goes for his 6 month check-up. I am curious to see how much he weighs. And then tomorrow evening is Bayleigh's open house. I am going to be ready for a weekend - for sure!

Here's another page I completed with the June Studio Calico kit - yummy Basic Grey goodies.You must check out their new kit!! Soooo good...and the hints for next month are sounding great as well. :) They never disappoint.

Until next time...



Susan Beth said...

Great layout! All those circles are wonderful! Cute pictures too!

Lauren said...
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Lauren said...

What a pretty layout..Love the layered circles!!

mommy2alex said...

What a great layout!!!
Your lil man is too cute, those eyes are just gorgeous!

Rita said...

Love, love, love the LO! I still have that sheet of BG from the June kit and haven't found a way to use it! In fact, it's the ONLY sheet I have left:) Love the baby pics...such cutie! My DS (3) tries to wear his baby sister's clothes...luckily they are way too small:)