Wednesday, September 17, 2008

sharing :)

There is alot to be said about sharing. We try to teach our kids to share from an early age. I mean, no one wants their kid to be the one that can't share, ya know??

I think as adults, however, we must continue that concept. Not just our toys though. We need to share our lives, our faith, our family. I am trying to put myself out there more. You see, I am quite the shy one....I would rather be a wallflower any day. However, I married the class clown. haha Andy will talk to anyone and he can make a friend with just about any person he meets. I think I need to take note.

At church, there have been a few women that were placed on my heart that might need some welcoming - a place to feel at home. Yet, week after week, I just sit in my pew and do nothing. Not this time baby! On Sunday, I *will* share myself with them. Invite them to our fabulous Sunday School class....anything. God doesn't call us to be wallflowers...he calls us to be lights for him. I have gotta be accountable - so I will let you know how it goes. :)

A few other things I need to share with ya'll.

First are some new pictures...
And then a layout I did using the Lifetime Moments kit from July. :)Here is a closeup of the tag at the bottom - which is from a Scarlet Lime kit (both the circle and the regular tag).
And a closeup of the title - which uses 2 different Thicker fonts and some AC letter stickers.
I think I am going to take the plunge and apply for the Little Red Scrapbook design team. It is a kit club!! They have some awesome kits and this would be a great opportunity. I guess keep your fingers crossed. I am so excited - but, can't decide what to write about myself or which layouts to send in for my submission.

Maybe that is a part of being the shy one. Never much to say about myself.

Until next time...



Susan Beth said...

You should definately apply for LRS design team! And, as the Deaconess of Women's Ministry at my church, I am so excited God put it on your heart to reach out to the new women! So cool!

NancyJones said...

OH WOW I THINK THEY WOULD BE CRAZY not to snatch you up. Your work is beautiful!
Those photos are tooo adorable.
aint it cool when the lord starts workin on people :) you go girl!!

mommy2alex said...

Good luck on the DT, your work is amazing so you'll definitely be noticed!!
As someone who moves frequently, I applaud you to put yourself out there to welcome these women at church. Even when I don't feel "at home" with my new city, I can always rely on church.
Love the cute new pictures, so great to see you with your dd, getting out from behind the camera!

Tiffany said...

Good luck on the trying out. LRS is a great club. And I understand what you are saying about being a shy gal. My husband is a pastor at our church and he is so able to meet everyone and make friends easily. Me not so much. Will be praying for you this Sunday! You will do wonderfully and those folks will feel so welcomed in that they should be.

Rita said...

Love the photos of your little cutie, and your LO is spectacular! Definitely go for the DT...they would be VERY lucky to have you!! I am very shy myself and have a difficult time making friends so good for you for putting yourself out there!

AnnaMarie said...

Hello my dear friend! :) HOLY SMOKES, gorgeous photos, gorgeous LO...and you know you and I bond so well because we are both the shy ones right? ;) And...I had been thinking about trying out for LRS too, go figure! Although I feel confident in saying that your chances my dear are MUCH better than mine - you need to GO FOR IT! Your work is AMAZING! And who gave permission to your little man to get so big? :-P Love ya! :)

Chrys said...

Good luck! Great pics!

Amy said...

I just had to laugh about your comments about you being shy & your hubby, the class clown. That is SO me & my DH.....I always said he could talk to & make friends with a tree stump! Ha! And I'm with the others.....definitely try out for the DT! Your work is awesome!!