Tuesday, September 30, 2008


It's Tuesday already. How will it already be October tomorrow?? And Layne will be 7 months. That is just crazy!!
We made our Walmart run yesterday. Always an adventure with two babies. But, we made it in, out, and home in an hour and fifteen minutes. Not too shabby! Of course, they were all settled in the cart and we get inside and they started crying in unison. haha Fun stuff.

I started my tutoring yesterday for a friends two girls. It went well. The first session is always so hard because you are trying to get to know them, but also trying to get *some* work accomplished. I think they did well. We will see if they do their homework. *wink*

Wanted to share some fun pictures I pulled off of my memory card
Just enjoying my time with the kiddos. That is when my daughter isn't making me want to run away. haha Seriously. Something about little girls... I say I cash in all my "time" and head out now. You see, I earn time when I am single parent and Andy is out of town on military something or other. It's just the way I roll. :) Considering we have already done one 14 month deployment and numerous schools and such...I have lots of time banked. hahaha

But, I might just save it until she is 15. I should have enough time when she turns 15 to take 3 years. LOL Because if this is what 7 is like....I don't want to see 15!!

Here is another page I finished. I actually have 4 layouts sitting next to my table that I need to take pictures of and post....but, I don't want to get too ambitious. I wouldn't want to overwhelm myself. hahaha

Idea inspired by a layout at SC done by Caroline Ikeji! :) Love her stuff.

Alrighty, have a terrific Tuesday everyone!



Kelly said...

awwww....cute pics ;o)
And your layout is fab!!

Red_Inc. said...

I love all the layers on your Summer Treat layout!
Your kiddos are adorable!!!

Lauren said...

That Summer Treat Layout is so cute!! I love the ink color you used with the stamp.

AbbieTorroll said...

Saw you on LRSC and I wanted to come say hello!! your work is fab!

mommy2alex said...

Yep, he is the cutest thing ever!!
Great layout, so much to love on there!!

Nicole said...

BEAUTIFUL pics...and i love your layout!! =)

NancyJones said...

oh what adorable photos. I rmember when bella used to hug me like that (the hair pull hug is what we called it haha)
love your layout just sooo pretty!