Thursday, September 18, 2008

the sillies

I am afraid that my son has an awful case of the sillies. I present to you Exhibit A:And Exhibit B:
I mean, what are those faces?? LOL He is so funny!! I usually get at least one funny face when I am taking pictures of him. It wouldn't be a complete photo session without one. :)

Another one of his latests
I know the pictures is blurry, but that is because he was crying and flapping around. Yes, my son is holding his arms out to be picked up. Whenever I come near him, he thinks his mama needs to pick him up! Doesn't help that he has a sister that will give in every time.

Bayleigh doesn't get much blogging action. She is doing well. We have been at odds lately because she is just so grown. At 7, it's crazy!! Sometimes I shudder when I think of what 16 will be like. Her latest things are watching PBS again, running around barefoot - everywhere!, playing with her brother and Eden in the mornings, and trying to adjust to being in 2nd grade. She doesn't take a good picture when I have to use the, this is the best that I have got. If this isn't a picture for the ages, I don't know what is.
I do have a page to share, but it hasn't been taken off of my camera yet. I will update with that tomorrow.

Off to finish up my bio and take pictures of my mini album I completed for the LRS design team call. It's going to be pure anxiety once it's in and I have to sit and wait until October 1st. Oh well!!

Thanks for all the love and positive feedback. Ya'll are too sweet!

Until tomorrow...



Lauren said...

cute pictures..Seven is a tough age..Hang in there..

Susan Beth said...

cute baby faces! seven year olds are hard, but I'm afraid it doesn't get much better at eight. they just know too much to sit back and relax and not enough to make progress towards their goals. it causes lots of power struggles at our home too.

Close To Home said...

so sweet **HUGS**

NancyJones said...

oh how stinkin adorable. I was having a moment and pulled up your blog. ThANK YOU for making me smile.

Rita said...

Such sweet baby pics! I have a hard time getting good pics of my oldest too...we'll see how much longer the baby cooperates otherwise I might run out of subjects! Can't wait to see your mini!