Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Things that make you go hmmm....

I am beginning to wonder if I am pregnant!!!! I have been so extremely tired these past few days and I don't remember feeling this way except for once before. And 9 months later I had Bayleigh. I dunno. I guess I will keep you posted!!

I have got to get to bed. I am soo tired an I have to get up and go to the clinic in the morning. I have been working my tail off there. I hope that my supervisor gives me a good midterm report. We shall see.

I hope to get some scrapping done tomorrow. Tonight I went to my friends place. She is in some serious distress right now, so it was good for me to hang out with her. We were supposed to watch a movie with my other friend (she has to write a report on it), but we all ended up talking for hours. Must be a girl thing. LOL

Welp, I better turn in before my head hits the keyboard.


Lesley said...


Will post more when I can pick myself up off the floor.

Trace said...


I hope it is true!!!

Fingers crossed!