Monday, July 18, 2005


I went into the nursing home today and we have 2 new clients to check out. One of which is a 33 year old, who is a quadraplegic. She has been trached and has a broken neck. It was so incredibly sad to watch her lying lifeless due to her condition. When we were asking her some questions and talking with her, she is very coherent and extremely bright. It is so awakening to see someone so full of life, lying there miserable because of a crappy card that they were dealt in life. The doctors believe that the quadriplegia is temporary.

Our other client is a 42 year old woman with MS. Also bed ridden. Her son was there and he was no more than 20.

I absolutely love working at the nursing home. But, sometimes the patients are just so heartwrenching.

One of my regulars was not herself during therapy and she was getting upset with herself - hitting herself in the head, being really quiet, and just not doing as well as usual. After the session, I was talking to my supervisor when she walked up to me. She had tears in her eyes and was telling me about how her daughter hadn't come to see her lately and she didn't know why. She said, "I didn't make her mad." She has incredible language deficits, but that was as clear as day.

Can you imagine your loved ones not coming to see you or call to let you know when you could expect them?? She is alone in her room without a roommate, so I know she gets lonely. I wish I could adopt her as my grandma, since mine is gone.


I need some retail therapy. I think I will go check out SWS - and get some new supplies. Oh and sleep would be good too.

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Lesley said...

That is so sad. I do not know how you can work there. I'm tearing up just thinking about those people :(