Wednesday, July 13, 2005

What a day!!

So, my morning started with me slipping in the shower and hitting my face on the back of the toilet. And if that wasn't enough, my dentist informed me that I need to have a root canal done. To top it all off, our second car wouldn't start.

As you can see, I am *very* glad that today is over!

Why do bad things seem to come in clusters? It can never be just one piece of bad news...there has to be at least two, but usually three or four in our household. For once, I would like to just have a normal day.

I have been sitting here flipping through my new CTMH catalog and I am loving their Acrylix stuff. Pretty rockin'! However, the longer I sit, the more battered and bruised I feel from this mornings accident. I hope I can actually get some sleep and don't fall into some comatose state. *rolls eyes*

I am off to try to help Andy clean the dishes from dinner and get ready for bed. Night night!

1 comment:

Trace said...

OUCH! Girl you gotta be more careful!

Oh, and why is your toilet in your shower? LOL???