Sunday, April 06, 2008


That is me screaming at the top of my lungs!!!

Ever feel like your head might just explode if you hear one more wail or scream from your children?!?! LOL

Let's just has been on of those days. Bayleigh decided to have a royal fit right before bedtime to cap off her less-than-perfect day. She was pestering us all day long!!

Add to that a little baby who has become quite a Mama's boy....

Yes, one long day!

I am anxious to scrapbook, but don't know if I could muster the creativity tonight after the day that I have had. I am thinking about going to bed early and getting rest, so that I can scrapbook tomorrow while Andy is home on his day off. I might even get to go to Target by myself!! Ohhhh the joy. Your perspective definitely changes as you grow older! :)

And I have to leave you with a picture of course....Isn't that picture so funny? Layne had fallen asleep and Andy put him on his play mat with his boppy. Soo cute!! He just laid there, still asleep, while I snapped pictures. It wasn't long before he raised his hands up over his head. :)

Goodnight ya'll. I hope your day was better than mine. I know tomorrow will be a better day and the sun will rise again. :)


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