Friday, April 04, 2008

a birth story....part two

So, to finally finish up my story!

After being in triage for about an hour and half, enduring more and more painful contractions and back labor. I felt like it was excruciating and wasn't sure if I could do this! The nurse in Triage had asked about pain medication and I immediately told her an epidural please! I already knew that I would like something to help me along. The nurse in Triage wasn't as attentive as I had hoped for. Let's just say that it took her 3 tries to get my IV in and the last one ended with a puddle of blood down the side of my bed and on the floor. At 8:40 I was checked, with my contractions coming every 3-4 minutes. At this point I was 4.5 centimeters! However, we were informed that Layne was face up, so his head was pressing on my spine and that was what was causing the horrible back labor/pain.

Finally, the nurse from Labor and Delivery came to get me from Triage. I was never so happy to see a medical professional in all my life. I knew that I was headed to my own private room, with a bathroom and sauna tub...and yes, a more comfortable bed and rocking chair. Walking seemed to help, so I decided to walk to my new room. After about 5 steps, I questioned that decision. Luckily there were handles on the walls and I could stop and hold on when I was working through a contraction. It took me a bit longer to get to my new room, but Andy and my nurse were wonderful and just talked me through each contraction and stopped with me.

I got to my room and immediately went to the bathroom with much whimpering and squirming. My nurse, Paula, asked if I wanted to sit in the chair or walk around the room...definitely walking! I was now crying through my contractions because of the horrible back pain that I was feeling. Paula was great and told me to breathe and kept me focused, reminding me not to exhale more air than I was inhaling. It wasn't long before I was doubled over my bed trying to find a position to make the back pain decrease. Nothing seemed to be helping. I got onto the bed on all fours and the nurse tried to turn Layne, so that he was face down. She helped by pushing on my back and talking me through each contraction. It wasn't long after that that Paula offered me some Stadol in my IV to take the edge off while we waited for the anesthesiologist to come. It seems like the one on call wasn't answering his pages and there was a shortage at the hospital...and that it may be awhile before I would get the relief I desperately needed. After the Stadol was administered, I felt completely out of it. The contractions were still strong and painful, but not quite the sharp pain that it previously had been. At 10 a.m. I was at 7.0 centimeters! Things were moving quickly.

I must have been in good graces because not long after my Stadol was given, the doctor walked in to give me my epidural. I think I told him that he was a savior! Oh the things we say when we are drugged! :)

I felt so much more in control and less panicked! This labor felt doable! By 11:30 a.m. my contractions were coming on strong every 2 minutes and I was at 8.0 centimeters. I could sit and watch my contractions register on the machine and know that my body was doing it's work in helping Layne enter this world.

When Paula checked me at 11:50 a.m., she determined that it was time for me to start pushing! I pushed for a good hour or so when Paula told me to take a break. She said that Dr. Nova was on his way and we would start pushing after a little while, when the contractions could do their magic and help Layne further down.

Dr. Nova was in and out and said he would be back. He briefly mentioned a c-section, but my nurse was a rock star and told him no way, not nearly time to talk about that yet!

Paula had me start pushing again at about 1:30, when Layne was further down the birth canal. She told Andy that he could come and see his little head when I was pushing. So, of course, he did and was so excited and amazed! It wasn't long after that that Dr. Nova reappeared and took a seat next to Andy and started discussing the military! He was only in the room for about 5 minutes and said he would be right back and that he might need to get a vacuum.

Paula told me that I could probably get him much closer to delivery by the time Dr. Nova came back. So, she turned my epidural down, so that I could feel the urgency in my pushing. After pushing for a bit, I decided I wanted to see the birth too. Paula pulled the mirror over and I was able to watch the whole thing. When Dr. Nova came into the room, I was strongly pushing through a contraction and he said he forgot the vacuum and he would be right back. Before Paula could tell him not to bother, the top of Layne's head was out! Dr. Nova scrambled to get his gown on and put the cloths under me, while fervently telling me not to push! When *he* was all ready, I gave one big push and out he came! Of course, I was crying and got upset when I hadn't heard him cry! But, it wasn't long before I heard his first yelps!

They took him over and started cleaning him off and suctioning him. He had excreted meconium right at delivery, but it was determined that he was fine and it was after his head was out. After cleaning him a bit, they wrapped him up and gave him to me. Oh my beautiful son!!! I just wanted to hold him forever. Paula told me that I might want to nurse him because the pediatric nurse would be there soon to wash him up and do all the birth data. He immediately latched on and took a few minutes of nursing. He was an eating champ (and still is)!!

It was quite an experience! And now I have this little one to show for it!
Thanks for letting me share the story of Layne's arrival. Boring, I know, but I had to get it down before I forgot the little details!


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