Saturday, April 19, 2008

la dee da!

Ho hum, still around! :)

Layne has not let me have a moment's peace during his waking hours. He wants to be held all the time - which doesn't really work for us here at the Wildes house. So, we are working on letting him cry. It breaks my heart to let him cry, but we gotta break him of crying over being held. *sigh* Poor mama! Keep me in your thoughts....that I can withstand the crying and not give in.

Bayleigh is getting baptized tomorrow! Andy's mom and dad came to be here! We are very excited and can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for our little angel. :)

Tee-ball was this morning - and we had rain! So, the cancelled the game. Bad news for us since we use it as Bayleigh expendable energy time. She commenced to bouncing off the walls when she got home. Andy took her to the Farmers Market, which I missed. I love the Farmers Market... I can't wait to go and stroll around and get some fresh veggies and fruit.

I am missing my cousins wedding. All because it was an adult only reception - so we couldn't take the kids. I won't go there! My feelings are hurt over the whole issue, but I sincerely hope that her day was wonderful!

Let me leave you with some pictures...He is getting so much bigger! And such a sweet boy! :)

Check in with tee-ball pictures tomorrow.


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