Sunday, April 27, 2008

another military trip...

So, yesterday Andy left for 2 weeks. He has another military trip!! I guess it is just one of those things that I should get used to, you know? I mean, I am married to an Army dude. But, saying goodbye never gets easier and being a single parent always gets harder. At least it is only 2 weeks this time. :)

We spent yesterday with Bayleigh activities. She had a tee-ball game yesterday morning. See pictures below for my girl stroking it out and sporting her gear.

Then, we drove an hour to a birthday party for Bayleigh's best friends little sister. It was quite the shindig with a smoked pig and tons of food. Yes, a smoked ENTIRE pig - with apple in it's mouth an all. I might have to post that picture another time! hahaha

We came home to feed little man. And I had to crash for about an hour because I had been up since 6 am preparing for the day. For good measure, our baby boy at 7 weeks. :)

We proceeded to go to the mall to partake in the Webkinz Extravaganza Day. Bayleigh was so excited to get a free reindeer Webkinz and she had a great time spinning the Wheel of Wow! :)

After all of that, we went to the neighbors house so Bayleigh could play with a pup they were babysitting! A little pug who must have allergies because he snorts like crazy! It was quite weird and our neighbors were a little turned off by the nuisance it created. LOL

What a day! Today has been spent doing nothing but house stuff. I couldn't peel myself out of bed early enough to get everyone ready for church this morning!

Have to share this picture with ya'll. Taken on Bayleigh's baptism day. She was being so grouchy and so was Layne at this point. This picture was taken during their grouchies. Layne is already screaming. Bayleigh is whining that she can't hold him anymore. Five seconds after this picture was taken and I had taken Layne, Bayleigh was in tears too and screaming "no more pictures." So, no family pictures of us on this special day because we are the proud parents of the groucho's. Oh the joy!! :)

We will leave for Daisy's here in a bit. Trying to decide if I will use that time to enjoy non-Bayleighness or if I should resume my co-leader duties. *wink*

Hope you are all well. I will be sure to check in again soon. Might save my sanity over the next 2 weeks!


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