Tuesday, April 29, 2008

baby steps I say...

So today I think we took one baby step forward to getting this single parent thing down this time around. I *think*. I say this as Layne is screaming in his bed and has been for over 10 minutes. :)

Bayleigh got to play with our new neighbors. They have 5 girls and moved in this past weekend - so we are ALL excited to have some kids nearby for Bay to play with and hang out with. They rode bikes up and down the street for about 30 minutes before we had to leave for another tee-ball game. Fun stuff!

Layne has been crying virtually all day. Nothing I do can make him happy!! I am hoping that he drifts off soon. If he isn't asleep in about 10 more minutes, I will go in and pat his back for a minute. Ahhhh, I hear silence now! :) :) :)

Going to finish up a page about Layne's first month tonight. Just in time for me to start his second month layout. hahaha I am trying to get back to scrapping - but time escapes me!

Hope your world is well. Nothing too exciting here....

Going to go cut a piece of pumpkin pie with a huge mound of whip cream on top. :)


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